Sargent Hall, Whetsell's B-day, Huss's B-day

Spring Quarter, Sophomore Year (1997)
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Tom and Jeff in 253 Sargent. Probably just celebrating the fact that the weekend's here. It didn't take much for us.
T-Gunn with the patented move.
Huss, Morton, and Seryak. Do they look annoyed with me? I think they're annoyed. Who knows why, I usually gave them a dozen reasons
And here are the short-bus dancers. I think I know what song's playing right here, do you?
If there were one place you'd think one could get a little privacy.....
Josh and Will took back the night with water balloons on this particular evenings. Suffice it to say, they had help from other "protesters", as the next day's paper called us. We just saw easy targets too good to pass up.
Zac came back from Wyoming to visit us one week in May. Lot of catching up to do: Mike, Kevin, Zac, and Josh hanging out in Zac and Huss's room, 252 Sargent.
Huss and Zac together again in "The Cave". The only room on the second floor with only one window. Very fitting, too, since they slept until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Here you can see they fell right back into their usual positions.