June 2001 - Trip to Outer Banks (Avon, NC)


01.jpg (110621 bytes) On the way down to North Carolina, Nate and Jeff stopped in to see a fellow OU alum in Raleigh, NC.  Clint lives there with his wife and the two are expecting their first.  It's just difficult for me to imagine him as a respectable father figure.

02.jpg (98662 bytes) Arrived at the house ("Watercolors") in Avon on the Outer Banks.  Paul looking down on us from one of the myriad decks the place had.

03.jpg (137238 bytes) The first evening there Mike, Nate, and Jeff decided to do some fishing and crabbing on the sound side of the islands.  We drove around until we found a drive we could pull into and this abandoned house was overlooking the sounds.

04.jpg (153726 bytes) Little did we know we'd then have to walk a half mile through tick-infested underbrush - not a fun experience.

05.jpg (147039 bytes) And, of course, we took along some beers for the occasion.

06.jpg (122766 bytes) Soundside.  Mike baiting his line.

07.jpg (139851 bytes) Mike and Nate.

08.jpg (78590 bytes) Nate, Jeff, and Mike preparing to do battle.

09.jpg (122285 bytes) Nate and Mike out in the sound.  You could walk out quite a ways before the water got deep at all.

10.jpg (105425 bytes) Nate fishing solo.

11.jpg (86855 bytes) A bird.

12.jpg (97312 bytes) Same bird.

13.jpg (107702 bytes) Sunset 1.

14.jpg (96937 bytes) Sunset 2.

15.jpg (115561 bytes) Sunset 3.

16.jpg (76269 bytes) Nate and Mike admiring the view.

17.jpg (114681 bytes) On shore watching the sun set.

18.jpg (80972 bytes) Finally, after hours of frustration, Mike struck it rich and caught a Fish Head.  Fish Head's aren't much to eat, but they'll give you a good fight when reeling them in.

19.jpg (115947 bytes) Walking back to the car we came upon the abandoned house again.

20.jpg (143782 bytes) Back at the house:  Robyn, Bill, Paul, and Jill hanging out.

21.jpg (107451 bytes) At the beach that night, around the fire:  Paul, Robyn, Bill, Dan, Nate, and Jill.