June 2001 - Trip to Outer Banks (Avon, NC)


01.jpg (72959 bytes) This is my vision of a lamp and a window.

02.jpg (111679 bytes) We headed back to the sound side of the islands a second time to see what we could find:  Nate, Jeff, and Mike wearing the ceremonial doo-rags.  We just didn't want Mike to feel too out-of-place.

03.jpg (73757 bytes) Plenty of jellyfish in the water that day.  Here's the one that got Mike.

04.jpg (58987 bytes) Or maybe it was this one.

05.jpg (83221 bytes) I ventured quite a ways out into the sound.  At this point the water was still only knee-high.

06.jpg (77285 bytes) We added a new weapon to our arsenal - the clam rake.  Here's Mike dredging the bottom in hopes of finding some.  We had minimal success.

07.jpg (80686 bytes) Still clamming.

08.jpg (67080 bytes) And still going.  Unfortunately, this picture got screwed up during processing, I should have it replaced in the next few days.

09.jpg (64686 bytes) Finally, Mike hit the big-time:  1 clam.  We would dine like kings that evening.

10.jpg (100439 bytes) Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they'd begun a full-fledged bar.

11.jpg (113151 bytes) Backgammon was a key theme that week, though Jill couldn't stand the game.  Here Dan and Mike are playing as Robyn, Jill, Paul, and Bill sit around.

12.jpg (106438 bytes) Dan make pizzas for us the one night, damn good, too.  He made omelettes, too, the very first morning we were there - much appreciated.

13.jpg (96025 bytes) Look how thrilled everyone is to be playing Trivial Pursuit.  Everyone played for a while, then the girls got bored and hit the hay.  The game's addicting, I think.  We played it rest of the week as we would do other things, like Trivial Pursuit and Eating or Trivial Pursuit and Backgammon.  You get the point.

14.jpg (97483 bytes) Bill, Nate, and Paul in the kitchen.

15.jpg (90891 bytes) Cheez-It is great at parties, or just with a few friends.  Everyone loves Cheez-It.  You can use it as dressing, or just enjoy a plain bowl of Cheez-It.

16.jpg (96135 bytes) Part of the group:  Paul, Robyn, Nate, Jeff, and Bill.

17.jpg (83021 bytes) Bill's catch of the week.

18.jpg (89798 bytes) At the beach for a fire:  Paul, Robyn, Bill, and Nate.

19.jpg (85523 bytes) Dan strumming the guitar.

20.jpg (61229 bytes) Still by the fire.

21.jpg (81969 bytes) Mike and Jill breaking out the champagne.

22.jpg (87428 bytes) Nothing says high-class like a doo-rag and a bottle of champagne.