June 2001 - Trip to The Outer Banks (Avon, NC)

01.jpg (97932 bytes) At the house, Nate caught on film.

02.jpg (95128 bytes) One of the most entertaining aspects of the trip.

03.jpg (102552 bytes) Dan and Nate.

04.jpg (76243 bytes) Nate and Mike sitting around.

05.jpg (100627 bytes) Chilling in the pad.

06.jpg (100891 bytes) Mike and Nate.  Look, they're having fun.

07.jpg (110888 bytes) Nothing to do, nowhere to go.  It's a great feeling.

08.jpg (70852 bytes) Volleyball on the beach.

09.jpg (117824 bytes) Feasting.  We all took turns cooking for each other, and it worked out pretty well.  Besides that, we went out to eat a couple times, though the seafood at the local establishments was disappointing.

10.jpg (115571 bytes) When Mike's not eating Cheez-It, he's running drugs up the east coast out of Guatemala. 

11.jpg (113999 bytes) Of course, backgammon in full effect.  Notice Jill glaring menacingly at the poor game.  You know she wants to just tear it apart.  I don't know why she can't just leave the poor backgammon alone.

12.jpg (135754 bytes) Dueling guitars:  Nate and Dan.

13.jpg (68632 bytes) And the beach, on a fine sunny day (most of them were, luckily).

14.jpg (73605 bytes) Someone kiteboarding offshore.  Looked like a pretty cool way to spend one's time.