July 13-16, 2001 - New Mexico Trip


39.jpg (120522 bytes) Introducing Gus the Mouse.  Actually quite personable once you get to know him.

38.jpg (75291 bytes) Crystal and Jeff getting ready to head out to dinner.

37.jpg (77927 bytes) One more just to make sure.  All eyes open, I'll settle for that.

36.jpg (118235 bytes) We went up into the Jemez Mountains in search of these "hot springs" that were supposedly up there.  Some lady on the airplane trip there told me about them.  Sucker that I am, I believed her, yet we saw no sign of anything like that.  We did find some cool spots to go hiking, though.

35.jpg (189373 bytes) Cool little spot by the river.

34.jpg (166972 bytes) I don't know what she's up to here.  Looks suspicious, though.

27.jpg (141308 bytes) Our next stop on the search for the mystical hot springs was Soda Dam, a natural rock formation.

33.jpg (115572 bytes) This is a pile of dirt.

32.jpg (164370 bytes) Looking down from on top of the dam.

31.jpg (125951 bytes) Climbing around.

30.jpg (168841 bytes) Jeff posing by the river.

29.jpg (148324 bytes) Looking out over the edge.  Meanwhile, Crystal's whispering in my ear:  "Jump, you can make it.  Go ahead, jump."  Nice, eh?

28.jpg (147893 bytes) A shot looking upstream toward the dam.

26.jpg (149137 bytes) And another of the same.

25.jpg (140674 bytes) Looking down at the river.

24.jpg (154659 bytes) Crystal up on the dam in front of a little cave.  Just a warm-up for what was to come.

23.jpg (142291 bytes) A view inside that little cave.

22.jpg (85002 bytes) A couple of Crystal's friends, Nikki and Jen, with Jeff.

21.jpg (93821 bytes) And the three stooges.

20.jpg (93400 bytes) Nikki, Crystal, and Jen.  Nikki with her typical pose (reminds of someone else I know, actually).

19.jpg (86066 bytes) This is when things got good.

18.jpg (85023 bytes) I think maybe Nikki thought it was just a figure of speech when I said "Look for these on the Internet".  I think not.

17.jpg (112698 bytes) Jeff and Crystal after all the tom-foolery.

16.jpg (89796 bytes) Driving through Roswell, NM on the way to Carlsbad Caverns:  a picture of a shop selling a bunch of alien souvenirs.  We gave that little Hyundai a workout on the way down because we were late.  Albuquerque to Carlsbad Caverns in 3 and half, that's got to be a record.

15.jpg (83530 bytes) And another shot of a shop in Roswell.  On the way back (of course, when I wasn't even in a hurry) I got pulled over by a real live Roswell police officer, too.  I thought perhaps she might just be an alien out for a good time until she actually gave me the speeding ticket.

Speeding Ticket Roswell, NM  7-18-01.jpg (109033 bytes) My only souvenir from Roswell.

14.jpg (128263 bytes) At Carlsbad Caverns.  We signed up for one of the private tours where they take you down into some of the more remote caves.  Here's the entrance to ours (Lower Cave) off the main path.  Doesn't look like much, does it?  It was basically just a three-foot hole.

13.jpg (119099 bytes) Another picture from the path looking down to the entrance of Lower Cave.

12.jpg (106306 bytes) Crystal descending down to the entrance of the cave.  I'm sorry, but we all signed a waiver agreeing that we would not disclose the position of the cave entrance, so don't bother asking me.

11.jpg (112795 bytes) Starting down through the entrance.

10.jpg (124739 bytes) Continuing down....

09.jpg (95950 bytes) .....and still going.

08.jpg (113345 bytes) Looking up at some of our group climbing down the ladders.

07.jpg (119367 bytes) And a bunch of pictures...

06.jpg (125136 bytes) ...the only light down there was our headlamps.

05.jpg (124877 bytes) It was pretty wet down there.

04.jpg (110393 bytes) Stalactite!

03.jpg (151511 bytes) Formations with what they call "popcorn" growing on them.  Very technical, I know.

02.jpg (116579 bytes) In the bowels of the earth.

01.jpg (98003 bytes) Your typical column.  I estimated it's age at 32 million years while Crystal was guessing 29 million years.  It's a tough call, either way.