September 29, 2001 - The Brownfield Wedding


08.jpg (140872 bytes) And, with the recent demise of Huss's Camry, the dawn of a new era.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cirrus.

09.jpg (63448 bytes) Shortly after getting on I-270 on our way to Piqua for the Brownfield wedding, I happen to look over and find Kristen and Greg, also Piqua-bound, sitting next to us in traffic.  So, naturally, I took a picture.

10.jpg (151334 bytes) The bride making her way down the aisle.  This was just about the point I thought Joel was going to lose it but he hung in there, bless his heart.

11.jpg (166737 bytes) Joel and Rachel at the "altar".  It couldn't have been a more beautiful day.

12.jpg (168219 bytes) The bride hiding behind her bouquet.

RayJoel1.gif (30970 bytes) Joel:  "So, maybe, if you're not doing anything later, we could........??"

              Rachel:  "Yeah, I guess that would be alright." **

FirstKissAsTheBrownfields.jpg (70605 bytes) The first kiss as the Brownfields.  I hope by now we all know where the actual first kiss was.  **

PresentingTheBrownfields.gif (38913 bytes) The Brownfields.  **

13.jpg (150572 bytes) Joel looking victorious on the walk from the altar.

14.jpg (118445 bytes) Inside Rachel's house where the reception was held:  the general scene.

15.jpg (105220 bytes) The bride and groom preparing to cut the cake.

16.jpg (105056 bytes) Joel's brother and the newlyweds as Rachel's sister gives her speech.

RayJoelCake.gif (80439 bytes) Everyone remained civil during the sharing of the cake, much to my chagrin.  **

AlinaCat.jpg (67621 bytes) Cat and Alina at our table at the reception.  **

TheByrnes.jpg (68156 bytes) The Byrnes were also at our table.  Scott was kicking himself after he found out that I would have given them a wedding gift had I been invited to the wedding.  C'est la vie........  **

AlinaRayCat.jpg (67104 bytes) Alina, Rachel, and Cat at the reception.  **

RayJoelDinner.jpg (88442 bytes) The newlyweds, one of which looks annoyed with the photographer.  Hey, I didn't take this one, I swear.  **

17.jpg (97282 bytes) Again, Scott and Kelly(ie).

RayJoel2.gif (68344 bytes) Joel and Rachel Brownfield.  **

18.jpg (46546 bytes) Jeff and Cat with the token picture for the evening.

JeffCat.jpg (41793 bytes) Believe it or not, not the same picture as above.  **

19.jpg (74827 bytes) Jeff and Alina.  You know, if it makes her happy, it's the least I could do.

20.jpg (81383 bytes) You didn't think I could make it through an evening without closing my eyes for a picture:  Jeff, Cat, Tre, Alina, and Ryan.

21.jpg (87019 bytes) And all the ladies:  Kristen, Cat, Nikki, Jen, Julie, Kellie in back with Rachel, Alina, and Darlene in front.

AllTheLadies.gif (90398 bytes) As above.  **

AllTheLadies2.jpg (69916 bytes) At that point Autumn decided to put down her beer and join them for a picture.  Just kidding, just kidding.......she was actually drinking wine.  **

KristenGregDarZachLeakeJulie.jpg (67204 bytes) I put my hand upon your hip, when you dip, I dip, we dip:  Kristen and Greg, Darlene and Zach, and Jeff and Julie.  **

MillIronPlusKristen.jpg (69154 bytes) Four lovely ladies accompanying the bride:  Kristen, Darlene, Rachel, Nikki, and Julie.  **

22.jpg (91375 bytes) And now it would appear as if we have come full circle.  As most of you know, Rachel and Joel's relationship is built upon a rock-solid foundation:  that of a closet in Apartment 402A.

RayJoelCloset.jpg (74492 bytes) Evidently they needed some alone time.  **

23.jpg (79900 bytes) Dancing queens:  Cat with her back to the camera, Kristen, Nikki, Rachel, Julie, Alina, Autumn, and Darlene.  Is Alina doing the running man?

24.jpg (87158 bytes) Huss sends signs to the third base coach as Darlene, Alina, Zach, and Autumn look on.

25.jpg (73149 bytes) Cat and Jeff take a break from dancing.

DancingMachines.jpg (81738 bytes) And then complete pandemonium broke out.  **

26.jpg (91919 bytes) Alina seems to breaking it down solo-style here.  You'd think she'd run out of energy, but she had plenty available later at the hotel when she yelled at me, telling me I was stupid because I couldn't get any food from the pizza place.

27.jpg (92560 bytes) At the end of the night the bride and groom left amidst dozens of sparklers.

ShawnAutumnAlina.gif (66402 bytes) A-West, Back to the Hotel.  Actually, this was a bar just outside our hotel:  Shawn (Devon?), Autumn, and Alina.  **

GregKristenJulieHuss.gif (67588 bytes) In keeping with the Bobcat spirit, Black Widows were in full effect.  The bartender did an excellent job recreating the Pigskin's elixir:  Kristen, Greg, Julie, and Huss.  **


** pics thanks to Cat