Chicago Trip - October 12-14, 2001


01.jpg (92081 bytes) Night falls as Alina and Jeff make their way toward Chicago, via I-90.  Alina wanted to do crossword puzzles as we drove and I thought this was a decent idea.  It did not take long for me to realize that I do not enjoy crossword puzzles, particularly while driving.  I don't know if it's just too much thinking for me or what, but I told her I did not want to play anymore.  She sat quietly for a couple minutes before turning to me and saying, "I hate you, Leake".  Then as time went on she would try to work the clues into conversation, as if I wouldn't know she was trying to coax some sort of answer out of me.  Very sneaky.

02.jpg (72944 bytes) Pretty self-explanatory:  final leg of the trip.

03.jpg (65388 bytes) At Cat's place ready to hit the town:  Alina and Jeff.

04.jpg (71381 bytes) Alina and Cat in the cab Friday night on our way to a place called Sauce, where we were to meet up with Cat's cousin, Rose.

05.jpg (83727 bytes) In a fit of rage during dinner Cat broke her wine glass.  Actually, the thing just shattered as she went to set it down.

06.jpg (75825 bytes) OU alum:  Alina, Jeff, and Cat at Sauce.  The place was a really cool restaurant that became a dance club later on.  We got to see both that night.

07.jpg (48748 bytes) I was just about to put the moves on Alina when I looked down and saw the sign.  Hey, it was out of her hands now.

08.jpg (49281 bytes) Cat dancing beside our booth.  Her #1 fan is in the background, just off camera, talking to the guy in the white shirt.

09.jpg (69493 bytes) On the dance floor.

10.jpg (59342 bytes) Cat and Jeff taking a break.

11.jpg (39659 bytes) At the booth consuming beverages.

12.jpg (49785 bytes) For a little late night action we headed to a bar called Ravens, near Cat's apartment.

13.jpg (75435 bytes) Just before bedtime and just as full of energy as ever:  Alina.  I believe this particular technique is from ballet and known as a "pas", is it not Alina?

14.jpg (72982 bytes) Like little kids, just too excited to go to sleep.

15.jpg (44970 bytes) The next night at The Funky Buddha.  Actually, Cleveland's got a Funky Buddha but I've never been to it.  Seemed like a cool place, though they conducted what Alina called "highway robbery" when it came to purchasing drinks.  This couple was absolutely tearing it up on the dance floor before the place became crowded.  We were to meet some of Cat's friends there that night.

16.jpg (60011 bytes) I don't know what Rose is telling that woman.  I do know that we had a little incident on the way to Funky Buddha that night.  Rose was driving with Jeff riding shotgun and Cat and Alina in back.  She had this cool idea to show us a nefarious part of Chicago called Cabrini Green (a.k.a. the projects) at 9:00 on a Saturday night.  Evidently, such uplifting films as Candyman have been filmed there.  Anyways, on our way past we get rear-ended at a stop sign and I'm thinking, oh boy.  It turned out to be a couple in a Durango that was just as eager to get moving as we were.  They tagged us pretty good, too.  Sorry Rose.

17.jpg (44496 bytes) Rose and Jeff:  she doesn't look like her trunk just got smashed in, does she?

18.jpg (63548 bytes) On our way to another place called the Leopard Lounge:  Cat, Jessica, and Brittany in the back of the taxi.

19.jpg (68748 bytes) Jeff was riding shotgun with the driver.  I tried to get our cabby to look at the camera for the shot, and he gave it an effort,  but in the end seemed too busy concentrating on the road.  Man, some people.

20.jpg (80111 bytes) At the Leopard Lounge:  Cat, Brittany, Jessica, and Alina.  I do believe that's Drunk Man Dan in the background.

21.jpg (54547 bytes) Jeff, Alina, and Cory at the Leopard Lounge.

22.jpg (50511 bytes) Alina and Cory.

23.jpg (58048 bytes) One of the bartenders at the Leopard Lounge, Svetlana, had this whole Eastern European thing going.  I just had to get a picture. 

24.jpg (84625 bytes) The dance scene at our last stop for the evening:  a place called Blue.  Our group managed to fit seven people in one taxi.  Not bad, eh?  We must have been at this place until almost five.  Man, I love this town. 

25.jpg (59464 bytes) Cory and Cat still going.

26.jpg (75638 bytes) Cory and Leake.  Cory was a cool dude.

27.jpg (60495 bytes) Watch out for this girl.  She WILL take advantage of drunk men by having them buy her drinks.  My senses somewhat numbed that night, it took me a couple rounds to catch on to her little game.  I gave her a hard time about it afterward and it didn't even phase her.  After all, she did get free booze out of the deal.