Chicago Trip - October 19-21, 2001


01.jpg (155536 bytes) Actually, these next few pictures were taken the weekend before as we were leaving Cat's place in Chicago.  This street just looked like a nice autumn scene.

02.jpg (117279 bytes) The day we drove back was gorgeous.  Here's a decent shot of the city.

03.jpg (127968 bytes) On our way out of town.

04.jpg (76358 bytes) And once again, the Chicago skyway, as seen leaving the city.

05.jpg (42275 bytes) Here we go.  The road trip up to the Bobeczko household in Geneva, IL.  Gabe at the helm of the Beemer, Leake riding shotgun.

06.jpg (66817 bytes) Gabe, I'm sorry this one didn't turn out.  For all those who missed it, this truck in front of us had painted on its trailer, in very neatly stenciled lettering, the phrase "Not Everybody Can Be Happy."  Now, we didn't know if that meant not everyone could be as happy as that driver or that just he wasn't happy.  Either way, what a profound statement to see on the back of a semi.

07.jpg (107193 bytes) Arrived friday night at the Bobeczkos'.  That night we sat around eating Chicago-style pizza (you got to!), drinking beers, and catching up.  Around the table starting with the nearest:  Gabe, Jeff, Sicking, Greg, and his lovely wife Kristin (who, I might add, did an incredible job putting up with us that weekend - has she had practice?).

08.jpg (122229 bytes) This is Saturday.  On the way to Chicago, Gabe and Leake decided to pick up some beverages.  Always the classy one, Gabe also grabbed a box of Franzia merlot (mimosas!).  Three engineers stood around for five minutes trying to figure out how to open the tap.  In an act of desperation Greg decided to pull the black tap completely off - not good.  Suffice it to say, Franzia everywhere.  While Greg was attempting to replace the tap with wine pouring out Gabe grabbed the box and headed for the sink.  The aftermath can be seen here.

09.jpg (97038 bytes) In a stroke of poetic irony, the next time we looked at the box in the sink the Easy Opening Instructions were staring us in the face.  Gabe's socks paid the ultimate sacrifice in the quest for alcohol.

10.jpg (77444 bytes) That day we headed into the city to go to Navy Pier.  Here a shot looking east at Chicago.

11.jpg (69137 bytes) I think this is Chicago.

12.jpg (91769 bytes) A shot of Navy Pier as we exit the freeway.  It was a beautiful day in Chicago.

13.jpg (135220 bytes) Gabe, Greg, and Kristin lead the way as we scout out some chow.

14.jpg (57057 bytes) The old gang (oh yeah, and Sick-Dog, too) at Navy Pier:  Jeff, Gabe, Greg, Bryan (a.k.a. Sick-Dog), and Leake.

15.jpg (68491 bytes) Looking at the city from Navy Pier.

16.jpg (78556 bytes) And again.

17.jpg (94044 bytes) Back at the Bobeczkos' later that day, fuss-ball in full swing.  Greg, I'm sorry, I suck.

18.jpg (59810 bytes) Had to get a picture of this if for no other reason than the amount of time people spent with it.  Of course, the Bobeczkos had the more, shall we say, risqué version.  Be glad you can't read any of these (and trust me, you can't guys!).

19.jpg (138212 bytes) B. Sicking.  'Nuff said.

20.jpg (92565 bytes) Gabe demonstrating some superb ball handling skills, with a beer in hand.  Nice touch.

21.jpg (95288 bytes) Heading out that night to some local bars.  Kristin was nice enough to be DD that night, lugging us around.  Jeff and Gabe got the space saver for the ride up.  Makes the Volvo look roomy, doesn't it boys?

22.jpg (73938 bytes) Can't remember the name of the bar (Bobeczko, help me out), but here we are:  Jeff, Greg, Gabe, Bryan, and Jeff.

23.jpg (76475 bytes) At another bar on the patio:  The Miami boys:  Bryan, Jeff, and Greg.  See they think the rest of us missed out because we didn't go to Miami.  Let 'em have their pipe dreams.

24.jpg (82071 bytes) Just wouldn't be a night out without the infamous car-bomb:  Greg, Leake, Gabe, Sicking, and Jeff.  I'm so slow with those things.

25.jpg (83191 bytes) Not quite sure........evidently, Gabe getting ready to dine.  It's okay, though, he's stage crew.

26.jpg (85783 bytes) There was a tree on the bar's patio.  So I climbed it.

27.jpg (82961 bytes) The trip back.  Gabe, you got stuck back there both ways, eh?