OU Homecoming 2001 - October 26-28, 2001


01.jpg (81887 bytes) My Homecoming actually started in Columbus that weekend.  I busted out of work early and headed south.  Morton was unable to get down to OU that weekend, so we went out to lunch and knocked a couple back before I took off for Athens.  Mort, can't just look at the camera and smile, can you?  I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.  Nice Jeep, by the way.

02.jpg (65556 bytes) In Athens at the Pigskin (where else?) Friday night.  Some of the old crew from sophomore year, West Green:  Rob, Jeff, Shawn, Jake, and Sam.

03.jpg (62257 bytes) Jeff and Chad acting casual.

04.jpg (48354 bytes) Still at the Pigskin:  Chad, Katie, Anne, and Sara (? - Katie, help me out).  The only one still a current student at OU is Katie.  Stay.  Stay as long as you can, Katie.

05.jpg (64839 bytes) At the Pigskin:  Darlene, Jill, Ali, and Anne.  Darlene was the only one of the West Green girls to make the trip down.  The rest of you are bums!!

06.jpg (71359 bytes) The 402A roommates minus Morton:  Tom, Leake, and Huss.

07.jpg (59753 bytes) What's this?  Puppies?

08.jpg (71367 bytes) Anne and Jeff.  Anne also happens to still go to OU.

09.jpg (44344 bytes) On Court St., part of the old 2nd floor Sargent Hall crowd from sophomore year:  Huss, Thatcher, Leake, and Slushman.

10.jpg (82857 bytes) At Pawpurr's that night:  Wervey in the foreground, Rob working the bar.  That kid is an absolute staple at this place.

11.jpg (39455 bytes) Another West Greener:  Jeff and Mike.  Mike was up in Boston for a while, but came to his senses and moved back to the Buckeye State.

12.jpg (73567 bytes) Old neighbors from High St. our fifth year who gained a newfound respect for house wars after living behind us::  Leake, Tom, Huss, Christie, and Gini.  Ironically, they started it.

13.jpg (84433 bytes) The general scene at Pawpurr's that night.  In short, mayhem.  And it was one of the less crowded bars that night.

14.jpg (56627 bytes) Josh and Jeff at the C.I.:  figures my eyes are half shut.  Got to give props to Hubox, he made the trip back from Vail, CO.  All I have to say, Josh, is I'll see you in February.  And Sweetie Pietie get ready.

15.jpg (47152 bytes) Neal and Smitty at the C.I.  Naturally, Ryan had to work that night (actually, I think he worked both nights that weekend).  Have to give it up to Nasty Neal, as well, coming all the way from SoCal for the OU reunion.  And Harvey, I'm thinking I'll see you next fall.  I know, you're thrilled.

16.jpg (68845 bytes) Jeff and Jill at the C.I.

17.jpg (48864 bytes) Somene got a hold my camera.  Ohhhhh, Alliiiiii!!!!!

18.jpg (44729 bytes) Eeyore, don't be so coy.

19.jpg (81666 bytes) Mike was nice enough to let me crash at his place for the weekend.  Huss and I got back to his apartment late Friday night (early Saturday morning) to find some guy sleeping on his couch.  Huss said he thought it was Mike, I didn't think so.  Finally, after getting within a foot of his face I decided that yes, indeed it was Mike crashed on his own couch.  Knocking on the door of his room, I told Jill he was sleeping on the couch.  Evidently, she didn't even know he was there.  Amidst all the confusion:  this picture of the two of them.

20.jpg (89392 bytes) The next day, bright and early, heading uptown to the bars.  Sears happened to be driving by with Josh.  Acura, eh?  Very nice, Sears.  Very nice.

21.jpg (96013 bytes) The scene uptown at 10:00 in the morning, parade in full force, bars pouring out into the street.  Gotta love Homecoming.

22.jpg (51132 bytes) 10:00 that morning at the Pub.  The traditional Bloody Mary's:  Steele, Harvey, Bednar, and Huss.  Guys, there was a day when we would have been up there by eight.  Are we getting old, or what?  And I don't know how you can drink those things.

23.jpg (54006 bytes) Libby made the trip down from Chicago that weekend.

24.jpg (72283 bytes) Still at the Pub:  Brad and Dan.  The Weasel was his old self that weekend, always good to see some things just don't change.

25.jpg (93074 bytes) Early afternoon we headed back to Sears' place to watch the Bucks' game.  First we stopped at Mike's to see what was up.  This was my pad for weekend:  Ryan, Rick, and Mike.  Thanks for putting me up, man!