OU Homecoming 2001 - October 26-28, 2001


01.jpg (63639 bytes) Saturday afternoon at BW-3 with our neighbors from Apt. 402A junior year:  Leake, Huss, Heidi, Amanda, Kristen in back; Amy and Colleen in front.  Those girls were a blast and could dance on tables with the best of them.

02.jpg (41706 bytes) At the Pub that afternoon:  Sam, Jeff, and Keith.

03.jpg (43483 bytes) Later that night at the Pigskin we ran into Chevron.

04.jpg (78297 bytes) At the C.I.:  Pieton checking in with the little lady.

05.jpg (86310 bytes) Sears shooting some stick.

06.jpg (81575 bytes) Still at the C.I.:  in the background Pieton asking Hubox for advice about women.  Meanwhile, Neal's wondering why Rick itches so much.

07.jpg (48459 bytes) Someone else I hadn't seen in a while:  Tammy and Jeff and the C.I.

08.jpg (44305 bytes) Ryan made the trip down to OU from Rhode Island where she holds some classified government job.  Our relationship has always been this warm and fuzzy.

09.jpg (62928 bytes) The poster boy for K.C.:  Brad with Allison (who came in from Chicago).  Cute picture, Weasel.  Where's the bulletin board when you need it?

10.jpg (50190 bytes) Kinga also made the trip down from Chicago.  All that way and I had to go and ruin the picture.

11.jpg (68628 bytes) One of the 6 Franklin girls (the only one that came back, I believe):  Julie, Jeff, and Julie's leg.  And what a fine leg it is.

12.jpg (64758 bytes) Ryan, of course, working once again at the C.I. Saturday night.  Seen here with Leake.

13.jpg (89909 bytes) The general atmosphere at the C.I. that night.  The bathroom doors pretty much permanently propped open, in classic C.I. style.

14.jpg (39493 bytes) At the Pigskin with Sisson.  He actually used to work there, and treated me well.  Ah, the good old days.

15.jpg (103433 bytes) At the Pigskin.

16.jpg (44657 bytes) Leake and Minerva, who also made the trip down from Cleveland.

17.jpg (75567 bytes) Down the hatch:  Josh, Jay, Huss, and Johnny.

18.jpg (88419 bytes) Still at the Pigskin.  Now, call me crazy guys, but does it look like Otis is getting called out in the background?  Man, that stuff will come back around to haunt you.

19.jpg (41496 bytes) Leake and Matt, both Mentor High grads.  Granted, he graduated a few years after me.  His older sister graduated from high school with me and went to OU, then graduated.  So, I befriended the next generation of Bobcats.  Hell, I've seen whole families go through OU during my tenure there.

20.jpg (64942 bytes) Anthony, Jeff, and Darren.  These guys are still in med school in Athens.  That's got to be rough.

21.jpg (55192 bytes) Oh yeah.  No idea.

22.jpg (64407 bytes) At the C.I.:  this girl was our server at the Pub earlier in the day and put up with us well.