November, December 2001 - Columbus and Cleveland


In Columbus for the weekend.  Tim made the gutsy move of tossing Huss and I the keys to his Cobra for us to drive up to the bar.  Needless to say, we did not go straight there.......

By far the most powerful car I have ever driven.  I was borderline scared.  Of course, Huss needed a turn, too.

At the bar, can't remember the name of it:  Kristen and Tim (now engaged - and I hear the proposal is on videotape.......I really want to see that one).

Jeff and Michelle that night.

Back in Cleveland (okay, Willoughby to be exact).  My chauffeur for the night, Heather.  Wait: fiance?  What?

At John's Cafe:  Lisa, Heather, and Mindy.  These three are trouble.........

Heather and Jeff that night at John's.

And back in Columbus a couple weeks later:  Huss and Alina at Howl-At-The-Moon.

A bachelorette party descends upon Huss.

Okay, WHO took this picture!?

Alina trying to look innocent in the backseat of Huss's car on the way home.

And back in Cleveland (okay, okay! Mentor to be exact).  Some of us decided to hit the bowling alley one Saturday night with the junior high crowd (keep all comments to yourself).  Here is Becky and her man, Vito.

And Becky's Other Man (might I be so bold?), if only by name.

A friend of Becky's with her at-the-time-date.  Rats!  I can't remember the names.  Help me out Beck.

Okay, someone got a hold of the camera here.  But I happen to know that it was taken in Columbus, so I guess I'm back to C-Bus............what can I say?  I can't stay away.

Yep, on the west side of Columbus at Donerick's.  Around the table:  Jill, Eleanor, Monica and husband Ryan, and Huss forking over the dough.

Tom and Jill that night.

Rick and Giavanna (did I butcher that guys?).

Otis and Hussle-T going at it in air hockey.  Okay, okay, Bednar, so you completely schooled me that night.  Normally, I can hold my own, but that night was an utter embarassment on the air hockey table.  You had a lucky night Otis, that's all........

Rick, I'm hoping you weren't in trouble here.  Actually, I shouldn't say that; it's kind of funny when you're in trouble.

The next night Rick and Giovanna had a bash at their place in Grandview.  On the couch:  Tina, Giovanna, Kevin, Amanda, and Leanne.

Bednar and Huss spending some quality time together.  He doesn't really like you Dan, he was just trying to get you with the golf ball.

In the kitchen:  Jeff, Jason, Rick, and Tina.

Dan, what'd I tell you?  It just ain't a party without a golf ball circulating.

Dan and Tina.  Props to Tina for chugging a glass of wine when hit with the golf ball.  Very impressive......

That night at Banana Joe's: Giovanna and her friend from D.C. breaking it down.

And still going.........