Ski Trip to Seven Springs

February 7-9, 2003
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On our way to Seven Springs the weekend of February 7th, Brad at the helm. Of course, standard issue in the Saturn is fully loaded laptop complete with Internet access. Brad: we're not worthy.
Game of choice: why Unreal Tournament, of course.
The lodge we had for the weekend was pretty impressive. Here's a shot of the main room. 18 of us didn't seem to even fill this place......
Place included a big screen TV, pool table on the next level, and sauna.........quite cozy.
On Friday night there was what has to be the biggest game of A#@hole I have ever seen. Starting from closeset to the camera and going clockwise: Brad, Huss, Emily, Julie, Andrea, John, Dan, Jen, Travis, and Vineet. Let me guess: social!!
Late night Friday; Otis dancing an Irish jig. People on the trip included a few of us from Cleveland and a bunch of former Bobcats along with a few of their friends from Columbus. Good group......
Debbie and Stacey (our trip coordinator). I think Stacey was just WAITING for someone to destroy something.......
Evan and Andrea. Fly!! Be free!!