The Krasovic Wedding

May 17, 2003
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Brad and Jeff arrived in Harrisburg about an hour before the rehearsal started, just giving us time to get our tuxes checked for fit. As you can see, the MC owned this town from the very beginning....
Typical of our road trip, accoutrements compliments of Brad and the roving Saturn of Technology, complete with high-speed Internet access.
Rehearsal dinner that night at a place called Angelo's (I believe) in Harrisburg. Mrs. Krasovic talking to Mrs. Johnson while Cher eyes SOMETHING on the table.
Brad (the best man) and Julia (sister of the groom) at rehearsal dinner.
Cheryl with friends: Kristin and Ashly and Christina in back.
Awww...the Krasovic kids: Gary and Julia. A clock ticking (down!) above G's head......
Chillin' in the hotel room that night. I've no clue what Clay is up to here.....
G's last few hours as a free man....errr....that is, the countdown toward eternal bliss.