The Bielek-Wenum Wedding

July 26, 2003
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The rehearsal dinner Friday night was held at the Bielek household.
U.B. doing some final touch-up to the pool.
Consider this array of grilles the palette and my dinner plate the canvas. My Uncle Bill CAN cook, man.
Another shot of the backyard.
Kristen and Tim at the rehearsal. Tough to see, I know, but take my word for it: he was happy as a clam.
FOUR different meats and TWO sides, my kind of meal. Uncle Bill wasn't too pleased at even having to put veggie burgers on his grille. "Aw, geeeez. How do you know when these things are DONE?! Son of a...."
The next afternoon, after a lazy morning by the pool: Tim and Steve leading the throng of groomsmen to our transportation.
I was digging this coach. Rumor had it Dave Thomas (rest his soul) had used it as his personal bus. Walk-in shower and everything, though I don't think that got any use.