The Bobeczko "Spring Fling" - Chicago

March 20, 2004
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Greg dancing with the better part of Kristin's family. Who has got whose wallet, again? *
Evidently, I am "uncool" to be discussing digital cameras at a party. I would argue that it is "uncool" to throw a party at which I feel the desire to talk about digital cameras, but to each his own, no?. *
Liz and Kristin adorned in their "Spring Fling" tees. *
Jeff and Eric in the garage, evidently trying to make out something scrawled on the far wall. *
Jeff and Greg performing a crowd favorite: Shout. I'm not sure they can go any softer... *
Irish Car Bombs...plastic cup style. Nice. *
Is it me or do you sometimes get the impression Jeff just wants to drink? *
Latenight when things cleared out a bit these two got funky: fellow Mentor alum Greg and Jeff, beer firmly in hand. I'm trying to remember what song they were singing here....