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Pictures and More - The OU Years: 1996-97

Sophomore year found many of us in Sargent Hall, once again on West Green. Here are some pictures taken while hanging out in the dorm and also a road trip to visit Mindy at Miami University undertaken by Josh, Jeff, and Ryan. I don't think there was a dull moment on that trip.
Some pictures from fall quarter, including Halloween and the visit of some high school friends, Jill and Mindy.
Some classic pictures of Sargent and the Greenery just before Zac left us for Wyoming.
I'm not sure anyone would argue that spring is the best quarter of the year at OU. This quarter my roommate's (at-the-time) girlfriend and her friend would often visit. Hey, if I went to Miami University, I'd want to get away, too.
Some pictures from throughout the last half of Spring Quarter, Sophomore Year.  Covers some good times had in Sargent Hall, as well as visits from a couple people from Miami University (Kat and Missy) and an old friend from Wyoming (Zac). Also, Whetsell's birthday bash at his place in North Royalton over Memorial Day Weekend as well as some pictures from Huss's birthday in Treudley Hall.
Some more pictures from Huss's birthday and some pics from our floor section in Sargent Hall.