December 2000 - NYC Trip


01 city.jpg (137640 bytes) Huss and Leake in New York City!  Morton had to work Friday during the day, so the two of us took to the streets.  Here we are looking down 42th street, I believe.  Madame Tussaud's in the distance.

02 city.jpg (134883 bytes) Again, looking east on 42th.

03 city.jpg (153183 bytes) And the infamous Times Square.

04 city.jpg (114290 bytes) A tall building with movie ads.  Just thought it was kinda cool.

05 city.jpg (132383 bytes) Another shot of Times Square.

06 building.jpg (122672 bytes) A building that did not look structurally sound.

07 times.jpg (79625 bytes) The heart of Times Square.

08 times.jpg (134321 bytes) Times Square.  The atmosphere there was unreal, so much going on.

09 times.jpg (103177 bytes) Again, Times Square.  If you look you can see a girl in the lower left-hand corner.  Yeah, I have no idea who that is.  Actually, we did run into a couple of fellow Bobcats in Times Square, believe it or not.

10 trl.jpg (145729 bytes) The MTV building a couple hours before TRL went on.  Since it was Friday I thought they'd have some awesome group on, but they didn't.  If you look, you can see the group "Dream" practicing.  I give them about another month before fading into oblivion.

11 times.jpg (149599 bytes) Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

12 trl.jpg (154910 bytes) And girls go absolutely nuts over TRL.  Actually, some guys do, too.  Here we were looking across the street at the MTV building.  The musical guest still warming up.  This is right about the point I got interviewed by MTV for some special called "Hips, Lips, and Gender Benders" that airs in January.  You'll have to take my word for it, evidently Huss didn't even think to take a picture of the actual interview.  Genius.

13 radiocity.jpg (154820 bytes) We walked north in the city to Rockefeller Center.  Here's Radio City Music Hall.

14 radiocity.jpg (160835 bytes) Again, Radio City Music Hall.

15 nbc.jpg (97963 bytes) NBC Studios.

16 rockefeller.jpg (126410 bytes) The famed ice arena at Rockefeller Center.

17 tree.jpg (162903 bytes) And, of course, the Christmas tree.

18 centralpark.jpg (99414 bytes) Near the Trump Building look north at Central Park.

19 centralpark.jpg (112994 bytes) Again, looking north at Central Park.  Mort, correct me I'm wrong, but I believe this is the exact spot where Bruce Willis jumped the wall (coming out of the park) in a taxi in Die Hard With a Vengeance.

20 carnegie.jpg (120758 bytes) Carnegie Hall.

21 letterman.jpg (125962 bytes) The Late Show with David Letterman.

22 city.jpg (119034 bytes) At W. 50th looking south.

23 city.jpg (94053 bytes) Looking south onto Times Square.

24 times.jpg (102075 bytes) Jeff in the middle of Times Square.

25 trl.jpg (116892 bytes) The taping of TRL.  People were going absolutely nuts.  It was cool to actually see it being shot.

26 trl.jpg (125140 bytes) The MTV building during TRL.  You can just see Carson in the blue shirt.

27 trl.jpg (99982 bytes) More people going crazy for the camera.