December 2000 - NYC Trip


01 nasdaq.jpg (90990 bytes) A picture of the NASDAQ building.

02 times.jpg (96377 bytes) Darkness descends upon Times Square.

03 daytona.jpg (98333 bytes) We found a huge video arcade in Times Square called "No Such Thing as Too Much Fun" or something like that.  Huss and Morton just got whooped by Leake in Daytona U.S.A., arguably the best video game ever.  We spent a good deal of time at ESPN Zone, as well, since it was like a second heaven for the R & R Connection.

04 truck.jpg (96803 bytes) The three of us, along with another couple dozen people, spent a good fifteen minutes watching this truck driver single-handedly maul two parked cars when he couldn't negotiate the turn.  With the help of the NYPD he ended up driving away to the sound of applause, but the damage was already done.  Mort wouldn't jump on the flatbed for a picture, so this was the best I could do.

07 comedy.jpg (113576 bytes) Friday night we spent some time at a bar called Off the Wagon, a local hangout for the NYU crowd, on McDougal Street in Greenwich Village.  Then we went to a comedy club a couple doors down called Comedy Cellar.  Big names perform there all the time.

06 comedy.jpg (119658 bytes) As I said, Comedy Cellar.

05 quinn.jpg (96160 bytes) Colin Quinn was one of the comedians.  Surprisingly, he was probably the least funny of the four.  The others were hilarious.

08 radiocity.jpg (118371 bytes) Back at Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall again.

09 studio54.jpg (90841 bytes) Huss and Morton freaking at Studio 54.

10 huss.jpg (95883 bytes) Huss:  this is his town, he just lets us play here.

11 world.jpg (85135 bytes) A club we went to Saturday night in Times Square, called World.

12 girls.jpg (65410 bytes) Two friends came down from Boston and met us:  Heidi and Julie.

13 roadtrip.jpg (87190 bytes) And the road trip pic:  Huss and Leake cruising in the Camry.