New Year's Eve 2000


15 jill.jpg (82715 bytes) Hanging out at Tom and Jake's new pad:  Jill caught in the act.

16 mookie.jpg (69180 bytes) Mookie.

17 mort,monica.jpg (90554 bytes) The soon-to-be-wed couple, Ryan and Monica.  Not too far away, is it guys?

18 tom,jill.jpg (81530 bytes) Another happy couple, Tom and Jill.  Tom even wears his name on his shirt.

19 group.jpg (79760 bytes) A couple of couples out on the deck.

20 group.jpg (95117 bytes) Euchre was the cornerstone of the evening, competition was heated.  Right here, Tom and Jake vs. Jill and Jake's brother, as Huss looks on.  Tom and Jake were soon ousted by Ryan and Jeff.  Okay, okay, they beat us once, too.

21 jeff,jill.jpg (73886 bytes) Jeff (H.B. for short, right Jill?) and Jill pausing for a moment. 

22 jill,ryan.jpg (83383 bytes) Jill and Ryan.  Luckily, she and Monica have long been used to making those roommates who didn't have consistent girlfriends feel wanted.  A tear......

23 jake.jpg (137910 bytes) And one of our hosts for the evening:  Jake.

24 tom,jake.jpg (82132 bytes) The tenants of the apartment:  Tom and Jake.

25 jill,ryan.jpg (97983 bytes) Jill and Ryan in their jammies.  Looks like a three-point stance to me.

26 jill.jpg (86490 bytes) Jill and Jake getting ready to crash.