Summer and Fall Quarter, Fifth Year (1999)


21 tom,jill.jpg (96733 bytes) Tom and Jill outside the Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach.

20 group.jpg (90528 bytes) And the group of us:  Tom, Jill, Ali, and Jeff.

19 jeff,tom.jpg (107757 bytes) Jeff and Tom enjoying the souvenir glasses.

18 jeff,tom.jpg (114606 bytes) Jeff and Tom delivering what Morton could perceive as a low blow at his expense.  Right, Mort?

17 tom,jill,jeff.jpg (107062 bytes) Tom, Jill, and Jeff playing miniature golf at Myrtle Beach.

16 tom.jpg (91881 bytes) Tom ready to hit the surf.  Our days consisted of hanging out on the beach until four or five, taking our respective showers, and hitting the town for dinner and the nightlife.  What more could you ask for?

15 ali,jill.jpg (106696 bytes) The Radanof sisters, Ali and Jill, ready for a night on the town.

14 jill,ali.jpg (92934 bytes) Jill and Ali:  one night we ate at Dick's Last Resort.

13 jeff,tom.jpg (109530 bytes) Jeff and Tom with the waitress at Dick's.  She was a riot.

12 jill,ali.jpg (98838 bytes) Once again, Jill and Ali.

11 nap.jpg (89379 bytes) One of my favorite aspects of vacations:  those lazy, endless afternoon naps.

10 ali,tom,jill.jpg (112775 bytes) And in the hotel room:  Ali, Tom, and Jill.

09 jill,ali.jpg (88213 bytes) Ali and Jill.  This was the night we headed south into the heart of the bars to go to Mama Fletcher's, one of the bigger clubs there.

08 jill,ali.jpg (85185 bytes) It was a gorgeous night, so on the way back we decided to take the beach route.  Ali and Jill striking a pose.

07 windows.jpg (73697 bytes) The view from our hotel window.

06 road.jpg (108817 bytes) And the token road trip picture:  Tom and Jeff in the front.  I'm surprised anyone in the back seat was actually AWAKE to take this picture.

05 pool.jpg (100329 bytes) Soaking up some sun at the pool:  Ali, Tom, and Jill. 

04 night.jpg (106677 bytes) Ever wonder what Myrtle Beach looks like at nightfall?

01 house.jpg (110592 bytes) Back at Ohio University, moving into the house:  Jay, Dan, and Mike displaying our primary decoration - a "souvenir" from spring break at South Padre.

24 mort,jeff,tom.jpg (116582 bytes) And this is the abuse I put up with when sleeping in my own recliner.  Morton and T-Gunn up to no good.

23 sleep.jpg (96703 bytes) Of course, they had to thoroughly document the occasion.

22 sleep.jpg (88775 bytes) Evidently, two pictures wasn't enough.

Christmas break at 10 S. High:  Dan, Mike, and Brad. *

03 car.jpg (99733 bytes) Wasting film.

02 car.jpg (105899 bytes) And wasting film.

* contributed by Dan Bednar