Fall Quarter, Fifth Year (1999) - Halloween


01 practice.jpg (112309 bytes) Halloween 2000, Caruso in the foreground.  Here's the Marching 111-126 outside 10 S. High practicing the routine for the main event on Court St.

02 practice.jpg (108651 bytes) Nasty Neal taking charge as we prepare to head out.

03 court.jpg (91395 bytes) On Court St. marching through the crowds.  A good shot of the percussion section, not to be confused with the hula-hoop section (they were in the behind the drum corps).

04 court.jpg (101139 bytes) And here's the Weasel taking his rightful place as drum major, scepter and all.  Brad's always had a thing for marching bands, tubas especially.

05 amy,mike.jpg (97609 bytes) After hours at 10 S. High:  Amy and Mike.

06 jay,dan.jpg (98428 bytes) Still going:  Sweetie Pietie and Otis enjoying each others' company.  In the background you can see the numerous pumpkins Dan carved that year.

07 ryan,anne.jpg (102248 bytes) Ryan and Anne late night at the house.

08 jeff,toni.jpg (104842 bytes) Uptown at the Pigskin:  Jeff and Antonia.

09 jay,eleanor.jpg (77807 bytes) The happy couple:  Jason and Eleanor at the Pigskin.

10 jake.jpg (103034 bytes) A party at Jake and Rob's on Smith St.  This is just some documentation of one of Jake's numerous projects.  In this case, hardwiring a computer serial connection for remote controlled song selection downstairs:  you know, the usual.

11 jeff,carie.jpg (98793 bytes) Back at, of course, the Pigskin:  Jeff and Carie sharing an infamous black widow.

12 jeff,heather.jpg (71963 bytes) Jeff and Heather uptown.

13 leake,mort.jpg (82881 bytes) Hortense was down to visit for a weekend:  here he and Leake are at the Pigskin.

14 monica.jpg (107150 bytes) I give my camera to Morton for one second........

15 kinga,jeff.jpg (101794 bytes) Kinga made a trip down from Chicago for a weekend and she managed to fit me into her schedule.

16 ryan,beck,jeff.jpg (93090 bytes) Toward the end of the quarter at the Pigskin.  For fall graduates, this was one of the last nights uptown:  Ryan, Becky, and Jeff.

17 jeff,cat.jpg (72671 bytes) And one last picture of Jeff and Cat before she graduated, as if there weren't enough.  Hey, there's never enough!

18 group.jpg (97455 bytes) Still at the Pigskin:  Nikki, Becky, Darlene, and Cat.

19 jenny,jeff.jpg (71616 bytes) Another fall graduate, Jenny, with Jeff at the Pigskin.

20 jenny,cat.jpg (89189 bytes) And, of course, Jenny and Cat had to make one last trip back to Zachary's to get their groove on.  Here, an unsuspecting bartender is ambushed.  I'm sure he's hating every minute of it.

21 girls.jpg (98205 bytes) At 10 S. High, some more fall quarter graduates, during their last days at OU:  Erin, Makayla, and Alisha.

22 jeff,missy.jpg (67506 bytes) Jeff and Melissa somewhere uptown.  I think.

23 camilla,jeff.jpg (96249 bytes) Camilla and Jeff on Court St. outside the Pigskin.

24 union.jpg (98985 bytes) Late, late night at Union St. Cafe, open 24 hours.  Gotta love one of their omelettes before hitting the hay.  Brad, Jason, Jeff, and Melissa made the trip this particular evening.  Of course, the Weasel was up to no good.  Is that girl asleep??