Fall Quarter, This Year (2000)


01 weekend.jpg (136119 bytes) A weekend early in the quarter I had to squeeze several visitors in my apartment.  Gary, Tom, Brad, Morton, and Huss sitting around talking.

02 wedding party.jpg (132724 bytes) One of my best friends from high school got married on September 30, 2000 at Miami University in Oxford, OH.  The wedding party is seen here, with Jeb the photographer seen on the left.  That man took more pictures in one day than I have ever seen.

03 Jeff and Gabe.jpg (80033 bytes) At the reception, old high school friends Leake and Gabe hanging out.  It was almost like old times.

04 Gabe and Barb.jpg (88504 bytes) Gabe and his lovely girlfriend, Barb, enjoying the reception.

05 Greg and Kristen.jpg (122843 bytes) The newlywed dance.  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bobeczko.

06 Pam and Jeff.jpg (82865 bytes) Another buddy of mine, Jeff, and his girlfriend Pam.

07 high school.jpg (93338 bytes) Ah, the old high school crew, class of '95:  Gabe, Leake, Greg, and Jeff.

08 Gabe and Barb.jpg (83980 bytes) Gabe and Barb dancing the night away.

09 Pam and Jeff.jpg (84487 bytes) Pam and Jeff on the dance floor.

10 Steve and Greg.jpg (98588 bytes) One of the coolest aspects of the wedding:  here the groom is rapping with Stephen Spielberg.

11 greg and kristin.jpg (72710 bytes) Greg and Kristin Bobeczko, fresh off the altar.

12 barb, jeff, bartender.jpg (96270 bytes) Barb and Leake posing with the bartender, who served us well that night.  He even remembered to hold the wedge on my gin and tonic when I ordered.

12 jeff, missy, bridget.jpg (93056 bytes) Friday night of Homecoming weekend at OU.  Two of my high school friends with me, Missy and Bridget.

13 Jeff and Tony.jpg (144572 bytes) Two other Mentor High School graduates also happen to be OU alumni:  Jeff and Tony.

14 Melissa and Jeff.jpg (81357 bytes) Melissa, one of the old Franklin crew, and Jeff at the Pigskin, where else?

15 Julie and Jeff.jpg (81974 bytes) Another one of the Franklin girls, Julie, and Jeff at the Pigskin.

16 Kinga and Jeff.jpg (84305 bytes) Kinga (all the way from Chicago) and Jeff at the Pigskin.  We never did get to play any pool.  Probably for the best, I always lose the game for us, anyways.

17 Millers, Huss, Frank.jpg (102488 bytes) Still at the Pigskin:  Clint-Dogg and wife Gina on the left with Huss and Frank.

18 pigskin group.jpg (101729 bytes) Toni, Jeff, Kinga, Laura, and Huss.

19 Jeff, Toni, Huss.jpg (115161 bytes) A rose between two thorns:  Leake, Toni, and Huss chilling at the 'Skin.

21 street.jpg (107945 bytes) Kind of tough to see, but Court St. was completely overrun with people Friday night.  Sure enough, the mounted police had to intervene.

20 pub.jpg (91929 bytes) The next morning (yes, I said MORNING) at the Pub:  Brad (a.k.a. Weasel), Big John, Nasty Neal (all the way from Anaheim, CA), and Rick Steele (made the trip from D.C.).  Bobcats came from far and wide.

23 tailgate.jpg (141843 bytes) Tailgating before the football game.  Darcy bumming a few beers from fellow tailgaters.

22 Game.jpg (130716 bytes) At the football game against Central Michigan:  Darcy, Huss, Leake, Toni, and Amber.  OU went on to win the game 52-3, though we only made it to half time.  And yes, that is the outfit I had on the night before.  Long story.

24 bobcat.jpg (121818 bytes) On the way home we stumbled upon an inflatable Bobcat:  Darcy, Amber, Toni, Jeff, and Ryan.

25 court.jpg (98433 bytes) On Court Street Saturday night, outside of the Pigskin:  Anthony, Jason, Daryn, Jeff, and Ryan holding Jason's girlfriend Eleanor.

26 dell and mike.jpg (87399 bytes) Eleanor and Mike at BW-3 Saturday night.

27 rick and dan.jpg (106019 bytes) Rick Steele and Dan (a.k.a. Otis) at BW-3.

28 brad and makayla.jpg (76382 bytes) Brad and Makayla (made the trip from Chicago) at the BW-3.

29 bw3 group.jpg (103471 bytes) From right to left:  Makayla, Huss, Erin, Alisha, and their friend.

30 brad, john, neal.jpg (81185 bytes) Brad, Big John, and Neal.

31 Pieton.jpg (81135 bytes) Sweetie Peetie looking for someone with Neal in the background.

32 frank and dell.jpg (79914 bytes) Anthony and Eleanor, with someone giving some lovin'.

33 bw3 group.jpg (92823 bytes) Leake, Zach, Minerva, and Dustin hanging out at BW-3.

34 bw3.jpg (107609 bytes) Random shot of BW-3.

35 huss, john, erin.jpg (105691 bytes) Huss and Johnny Minerva with Erin in the background