Fall Quarter, This Year (2000)


22 jeff,toni,huss.jpg (87966 bytes) Homecoming weekend, hanging out in the Pigskin:  Jeff, Toni, and Ryan.  If you look really hard, behind us you can see a guy on the stairs in a yellow T-shirt.  Yeah, I don't know who that is.

21 darcy.jpg (85795 bytes) Homecoming football game against Central Michigan University.  The Bobcats prevailed 52-3.  For some reason, Darcy was absolutely obsessed with the guy's T-shirt in front of us.  It had to do with the Dow Jones or something.  I think we were all delirious, it was so hot.

20 bw3.jpg (96084 bytes) Saturday night of Homecoming at BW-3.  From right to left:  Makayla (from Chicago), Huss, Erin, Alisha, and their friend from home.

19 darcy, huss, andy.jpg (89480 bytes) Darcy, Huss, and our buddy Andy at what appears to be the C.I. that Saturday night.

18 dan.jpg (87769 bytes) The first picture of Halloween weekend takes a little explaining.  My buddy Dan decided to go as, and I quote, "a dance instructor."  Now, to me that wouldn't seem like much of a costume, but it was pretty funny.  Here is dancing with the Hooters girls.

17 jeff,missy,huss.jpg (87044 bytes) Jeff, Missy, and Huss at a shin-dig before heading uptown to the Halloween festivities.

16 dan, leake, huss.jpg (97722 bytes) Otis (a.k.a. Dan), Leake, and Huss hanging out.  That night I really couldn't have told you what I was supposed to be.  But looking back at these pictures I can safely say that I was dressed up as an idiot for Halloween.

15 gumbi.jpg (113048 bytes) I did manage to get a picture with Gumbi.

14 eggcrate.jpg (99674 bytes) And of course, there were the eggcrate people.

13 court.jpg (63376 bytes) A shot of Court St. during the Halloween festivities uptown.

12 leake.jpg (91309 bytes) Leake posing with a fellow dressed up as if right out of the hospital.  He had a Seagram's bottle and vodka bottle turned upside-down on the I.V. pole.  One of the better costumes.

11 missy.jpg (97711 bytes) Once again, our hospital buddy with Missy at the Pigskin.

10 pigskin.jpg (103547 bytes) Frank, Huss, Daryn, and Leake at the Pigskin.

09 court.jpg (96102 bytes) Another picture of the mayhem on Court St.  Can't really see too much.

08 dan, dance.jpg (91370 bytes) Dan the Dance Instructor had a little routine with two girls dressed up as the OU Dance Team that they performed on Court St.

Bednar doing his thing. *

07 dan.jpg (106548 bytes) Otis actually brought the steps with him.  And even more amazingly, the ladies fell for it.  Only you Bednar.

06 dan.jpg (118359 bytes) Once again, Dan doing his thing on Court St., this time solo.

05 dan.jpg (93902 bytes) And, this time with a friend.  You'd have to ask him the name of that dance.

04 court.jpg (89600 bytes) View of Court St. on Saturday night of Halloween.

03 court.jpg (72290 bytes) Yet another view of Court St.

02 ghostbust.jpg (89428 bytes) Leake with one of the Ghostbusters at the Cat's Eye on Saturday night.

01 cat's eye.jpg (109904 bytes) A general view of the Cat's Eye Saturday night of Halloween weekend.


* thanks to Dan Bednar