Fall Quarter, This Year (2000)


25 dan,jeff.jpg (110001 bytes) Dan and Jeff, Homecoming weekend at BW-3.

24 ce boys.jpg (121939 bytes) At BW-3 with fellow civil engineers.  Of course, they've all graduated:  Reinke, Beakman, Leake, Pieton, Leachman with girlfriend, and Goff with girlfriend.

23 darlene,jeff,gary.jpg (116400 bytes) Homecoming at the Pigskin:  Darlene, Jeff, and high school buddy Gary.

22 angie,jeff,becky,vito.jpg (92042 bytes) Angie, Jeff, and the happy couple Becky and Vito at the Pigskin Homecoming weekend.

21 jeff,bridget,christy.jpg (105855 bytes) Jeff, Bridget, Gini, and Christy at Wings 'N' Rings Homecoming weekend.

20 christy,jeff.jpg (93050 bytes) Christy (otherwise known as Surge), Jeff, Bridget, and Gini.

19 libby,jeff.jpg (80998 bytes) Libby and Jeff at the C.I. Homecoming weekend.

18 jeff,toni.jpg (103895 bytes) Still at the C.I.:  Jeff and Antonia.

17 andy.jpg (103834 bytes) Andy catching some grub at the C.I.

16 ci.jpg (122232 bytes) Homecoming at the C.I.  In back:  Anthony, Jay, Daryn, Darcy, Huss, Dawn.  And in front:  Amber, Toni, Shane, Andy, and Luke.

15 bw3.jpg (92902 bytes) Darcy, Amber, Anthony, Jason, and Daryn.

14 derek.jpg (95728 bytes) Even Oney came down for Homecoming.  Imagine that, he's coming out of Pawpurr's.

13 jeff,chetta.jpg (66386 bytes) Jeff and Chetta.  Amidst the craziness Homecoming weekend, I saw her for about 10 seconds.

12 suze and sean.jpg (80817 bytes) My buddy's party Halloween weekend.  Suzanne and fiance Sean made the trip down from Mentor to celebrate with us.  They made it until about 12:30 Friday night.  Sheesh.

11 sean.jpg (83864 bytes) What's Sean doing down there?  What's he doing?  Huss is further back in the woods, though you can't see him.

10 pigskin.jpg (95579 bytes) The two lovebirds did manage to make it up to one bar.  Huss, Jeff, Suzanne, and Sean at, of course, the Pigskin.

09 apartment.jpg (110607 bytes) In the apartment latenight Friday of Halloween.  Suzanne and Sean did their best that night, bless their hearts.  Huss in his usual position on the couch.

08 court.jpg (99360 bytes) A random shot of the melee that was Court St. Saturday night of Halloween.

07 court.jpg (81605 bytes) Yet another shot of Court St.

06 court.jpg (53894 bytes) And yes, another picture of Court St.

05 court band.jpg (75102 bytes) The band playing at the corner of Court St. and Union Saturday night of Halloween weekend.

h2k-02-07.jpg (9900 bytes) My sister, Jenn (as Robin Hood), and her two friends on Court St.

h2k-06-05.jpg (8380 bytes) Yep.  It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

h2k-06-06.jpg (6667 bytes) Perhaps the best "costume" of the year.

h2k-08-02.jpg (5957 bytes) Actually sprayed shaving cream onto Court St.

h2k-08-03.jpg (7404 bytes) Towering over Court St.

h2k-08-05.jpg (10854 bytes) It took six guys to run this thing, quite a feat.

h2k-08-07.jpg (9996 bytes) I can't imagine a cold-blooded snake being too fond of a brisk October evening.

h2k-10-08.jpg (8629 bytes) I like it when people have to label their costumes.

04 court.jpg (82194 bytes) A view of Court St. Halloween weekend.

03 kim,jeff,ann.jpg (95413 bytes) Saturday night of Halloween at the Pigskin:  Kim, Jeff, and Anne (otherwise known as Scandalous).

02 huss,jake,leake.jpg (129275 bytes) Halloween at the C.I.:  Leake, Jake, and Huss.

01 huss, leake.jpg (100607 bytes) Still in the C.I.:  Huss and Leake.  I can always count on Huss to make a weekend trip down from Columbus.