The Mortons' Wedding - Saturday, May 26, 2001


01.jpg (99153 bytes) Cruising around the day of the wedding.  Huss at the wheel of the Cirrus (the ol' Camry was prematurely retired) with Tom riding shotgun.  We're on our way to Bob Evans for some breakfast with the groom and best man.  The groom managed to choke down some fruit, that's about it.

02.jpg (81160 bytes) The battlefield before the big show.  Unfortunately, the picture did not capture Morton on his knees in the aisle with his hands outstretched toward heaven.  Trust me, he's there.

03.jpg (52294 bytes) Mort getting ready for the main event.  The women were weeping in the streets that day, let me tell you.

04.jpg (63600 bytes) Leake.  You know, for once before a wedding, I actually had a good night's sleep.

05.jpg (59574 bytes) Hussle-T.

06.jpg (79180 bytes) And the 402A roommates:  Huss, Mort, Leake, and Tom.  Who will be next?  That one's up in the air, but if I were a betting man my money's on Tom.  The other groomsman was Morton's cousin, Josh.

07.jpg (64832 bytes) After the ceremony:  Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Morton.

08.jpg (97393 bytes) Arriving at the reception.

09.jpg (117333 bytes) The bride and groom taking their seats as Heather tries to maintain her composure.

10.jpg (90210 bytes) Best view in the house:  Josh (Best Man), Ryan, Monica, Heather, Katie (groom's sister), Whitney (groom's sister), Amy, and Kelly.

11.jpg (103896 bytes) Alas, Heather could take it no longer.  Josh (Best Man) and Heather (Maid of Honor) giving their speeches at the reception.

12.jpg (76796 bytes) The newly-wedded couple dining.  I guess I felt it necessary to capture their every activity.

13.jpg (114341 bytes) 1 down, 3 to go:  Tom, Jeff, and Ryan.......

14.jpg (71854 bytes) ......though Jill does have dibs on one of them.  Here she is at the reception.

15.jpg (98822 bytes) And the OU crowd present at the event.  In the back row:  Kurt, Ryan, Chris, Jenni, Brad, Jeff, Tom.  In the front row:  I'm not sure who the two on the left are, but Tammy, Heather, and Jill to the right of them.

16.jpg (94392 bytes) The first dance of the evening.

17.jpg (88422 bytes) The bouquet toss:  the victor was Morton's sister Whitney.

18.jpg (80406 bytes) And the removal of the garter belt.  Huss was the lucky winner of the garter belt toss.

19.jpg (83622 bytes) And the traditional placement of the bridal garter on that woman that caught the bouquet, in this case Morton's sister, Whitney.  Something tells me Mr. Morton, Sr. was keeping his eye on matters.

20.jpg (78659 bytes) A congo line broke-out later at the reception, headed by the bride and followed by Tom and Jill.  Kurt and Leake just sat and watched.

21.jpg (68547 bytes) Graduates of the grueling OU T-Comm program:  Hortense and Kurtis.

22.jpg (77099 bytes) The groomsmen snuck outside for some preparation of the couple's departure vehicle.  Morton's cousin, Josh (Best Man) and Leake very proud of their work.  What was I again, Mort?  Was it Groomsman #4?  I see how it is.

23.jpg (72278 bytes) Huss and Leake taking a moment to admire their work.

24.jpg (64642 bytes) Actually, Kurt did the whole thing.  We didn't even know about it.

25.jpg (59741 bytes) The groomsman stole away for a bit to catch a breath of fresh air, and to nip on the Jack Daniels.

26.jpg (80939 bytes) Jeff and Monica in true Leake fashion:  all eyes shut.