The Mortons' Wedding and End of Spring Quarter at OU (2001)

01.jpg (99902 bytes) The reception after the wedding:  the groom and Jill.

02.jpg (95540 bytes) Kurt, Jill, and Ryan at the reception.

03.jpg (101987 bytes) En route from the reception to Harmon's Pub in Canton for a little post-reception festivities, sans the bride and groom.

04.jpg (84918 bytes) At Harmon's:  Ryan, Jill, and Tom.

05.jpg (79739 bytes) Jeff and Jill.  Jill drank ALL those bottles.

06.jpg (81459 bytes) Heather and Brad showed up at Harmon's.  Of course, they went home and changed.  I figured I'd get the most wear I could out of that rental tux.

07.jpg (105458 bytes) Hangin' out around the table:  Jill, Tom, Kurt, Josh, and Ryan.

08.jpg (107212 bytes) Most of the people at the reception, including the entire wedding party, ended up at Harmon's that night.  Here they are dancing to, what else, Madonna's Like a Prayer.  I saw it on the jukebox and couldn't resist.

09.jpg (77384 bytes) Tom was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion at this point.

10.jpg (66256 bytes) An all but worthless picture of Kelly and Jeff, who were paired up for the wedding.

11.jpg (96894 bytes) And the groomsmen (minus Monica's brother):  Ryan, Josh, Jeff, and Tom.

12.jpg (78257 bytes) Jeff and Josh.  Josh met a nice little lady in a Bernie Williams jersey that night.  He never forgave himself for not getting her number.

13.jpg (70489 bytes) Huss and Leake.

14.jpg (69796 bytes) Driving back to Tom's place, Huss at the wheel of the Cirrus.

15.jpg (83172 bytes) Back at Tom's.  I'm guessing Jill got a hold of the camera.

16.jpg (84049 bytes) No privacy whatsoever.

17.jpg (73757 bytes) Back at OU to finish up the quarter (and my college career).  Steve, also an OU alum, was back visiting for a weekend.  Here we're at the Cat's Eye.

18.jpg (89515 bytes) At the Cat's Eye with some fellow civil engineers:  Jason, Jeff, Jason, and Mark.

19.jpg (64343 bytes) Fellow sixth years and graduates of Mentor High '95:  Mark and Jeff at the Junction.

20.jpg (74990 bytes) And yet another civil, Dave, and his girlfriend at the Pub.

21.jpg (96140 bytes) Chillin' at the Pub:  Jill, Mike, Kristen, Nate, Jason, Jeff, and John in front.  I had come straight from work and didn't make it home to shower until AFTER the bars closed.  Typical.

22.jpg (74338 bytes) Courtney and Jeff at, where else, the Pigskin.

23.jpg (75991 bytes) Jeff and Mike at the Pigskin.  You can tell we were really dressed to the nines.  After what we had been through the past quarter or two, we pretty much stopped caring (if we ever did!).

24.jpg (83117 bytes) Mike and Jill.

25.jpg (80791 bytes) Kristen, Jason, and a friend of theirs staying entertained with one of those touchscreen video games.  I could never get into those, just always felt like it took away too much from the drinking experience.

26.jpg (90130 bytes) Jeff doing a car bomb with a couple of the Pigskin bartenders.  That's Ryan in the yellow hat, and I can't remember the other kid's name, though he looked the lead singer of Linkin' Park.  Good guys, though.