Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000)


27 huss,darcy.jpg (130950 bytes) Ryan and Darcy sharing a booth at the Pub during one of the last nights here at Ohio University (at least for them!).  Luckily, Darcy stayed fairly close when she moved to Columbus after graduation.

26 dawn,jeff.jpg (133385 bytes) Dawn and Jeff at the Pub at the end of Spring Quarter.  Dawn also remained in Ohio after moving to the Cleveland area.

25 darcy,jeff.jpg (146091 bytes) Darcy and Jeff that same night at the Pub.

24 otis,toni.jpg (84533 bytes) Now here's a classic moment, though not as spontaneous as it may seem (it took some coaxing).  Dan and Toni with a friendly exchange.  Dan stayed at OU for another year while Toni moved to her home town of Dayton after graduating.

23 jeff,barnboys.jpg (134531 bytes) Jeff with 3 shady characters that lived in the Barn for the past few years:  Chris, Gary, and Mickey.  Of course, my eyes are shut.

22 jeff,steph.jpg (109967 bytes) Jeff with Stephanie, just another happy shuffler at the Pub.  Steph also retreated to the Cleveland area after graduation.

21 jeff,toni.jpg (121208 bytes) Jeff and Toni at the Pub at the end of spring quarter.

20 huss,congressgirls.jpg (148350 bytes) Huss at the C.I. with some of our neighbors from 9 S. Congress:  Christy, Alicia, Patti, Gini, and Nicole.

19 christy,jeff.jpg (107881 bytes) Christy Sergi, one of the S. Congress girls, and Jeff.  She always managed to live up to her nick name Surge!  Christy moved to South Carolina with her boyfriend after graduation.

18 huss,leake.jpg (116078 bytes) Long time roommate, and even longer time friend, Huss actually graduated this quarter.  Here we are at the C.I. toward the end of the quarter.  Hussle-T stayed close, though, moving to his hometown of Dublin.

17 congressgirls.jpg (96957 bytes) Some of our neighbors on their porch at 9 S. Congress:  Nicole, Alicia, Kerry, and Christy.

16 room.jpg (147616 bytes) Leake's room upstairs at 10 S. High.  I loved that room.

15 room.jpg (122296 bytes) Once again, Leake's crib.

14 nique,jeff,char.jpg (106160 bytes) Dominique, Jeff, and Char at the Pigskin together one last time.  Nique moved out to Arizona after graduation while Char moved to Columbus.

13 casey,jeff.jpg (121143 bytes) Casey and Jeff at the Pigskin.  Casey stayed for one more year at OU.  Once again, I didn't manage to keep my eyes open.

12 jeff,nicole,huss.jpg (79519 bytes) Jeff, Nicole, and Huss on the patio at the Pigskin.  Nicole also graduated that quarter.

11 room.jpg (132909 bytes) Another shot of my room at 10 S. High.

10 livingroom.jpg (140752 bytes) Our living room at 10 S. High, adorned in typical college fashion.  In keeping with the demographic, we even had TRL on the T.V.

09 livingroom.jpg (123616 bytes) Another picture of our living room, and also managed to catch Weasel as he was documenting the occasion.

08 otis.jpg (93593 bytes) Otis in his room as begins to prepare for the move out of 10 S. High.

07 husslet.jpg (121981 bytes) Hussle-T in his typical position in his room, phone firmly in hand.  Of course, Huss has yet to even think about packing for the move.  I shouldn't talk though, we were both there almost a week after the quarter ended, living for a night or two with the new tenants.  I might add, the new guys were really cool about it.

06 weasel.jpg (111220 bytes) And the Weasel trying to figure out what he's going to do with two year's worth of clothes, furniture, and video games.

05 congress.jpg (107505 bytes) A picture of 9 S. Congress as seen from our house.  Poor girls, we wreaked havoc on that house earlier in the quarter.  I never was sure if they were glad to have met us or not.

04 congress.jpg (115526 bytes) Coming into the back door of 9 S. Congress as the girls begin their move out.  Many a mischievous activity took place within these walls.

03 backyard.jpg (106101 bytes) Our "back yard" as seen from the porch.  Weasel, his sister Mandy, Hussle-T, and Otis playing some cards.  Of course, we had to make use of the furniture college life afforded us.

02 weasel, li'lguy.jpg (100278 bytes) Weasel and the Little Guy behind 10 S. High, ready to head uptown.  I can't remember is someone changed or not.

01 cortad,leake.jpg (80791 bytes) Cortad and Leake at 10 S. High.  The Weasel, always one to stir up trouble, was commemorating a club I had joined to which Cortad was already a member.  Enough said.