Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000)


27 reception.jpg (138362 bytes) Enjoying the food at the reception.  Around the table:  Trevor, Alina, Missy, Jill, Tom, Julie, Zach, and Darlene.

26 newlywed dance.jpg (135907 bytes) Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Pochiro.

25 erik.jpg (128214 bytes) Erik was a picture-taking machine with his new digital camera.  Throughout the night I'd ask him how many he had left out of the original three hundred shots.

24 reception.jpg (123358 bytes) The wedding party dance.

23 reception.jpg (111012 bytes) Around the table:  Zach, Darlene, Nick, Trevor, Alina, Ryan, and Missy, with Jeff standing up.

22 jen,ryan.jpg (83119 bytes) Another soon-to-be husband and wife:  Jenny and Ryan.

21 jeff,newlyweds.jpg (89882 bytes) Jeff with Frank and Kara.

20 jill,jeff.jpg (100759 bytes) Jill and Jeff at the reception.

19 ryan,missy.jpg (107215 bytes) Ryan and Missy.

18 jeff,cat.jpg (95819 bytes) Jeff and Cat taking a break for their token picture.

12 bridal.jpg (109534 bytes) One of the more interesting events I've seen at a reception.  Frank was blindfolded and had to discover which one of the ladies was his new wife simply by the feel of their legs.  Unbeknown to him, Kara wasn't even in the circle of girls.

10 bridal.jpg (106295 bytes) I think the new groom enjoyed it a little too much, he was at it for quite some time.

09 bridal.jpg (120671 bytes) And at the end of the charade, he was bombarded by Silly String.

08 garter.jpg (108240 bytes) Frank also made the removal of the garter quite interesting.

07 garter.jpg (106770 bytes) And still taking off the garter.

17 bouquet.jpg (109021 bytes) The bouquet toss got a little bit physical.  There was a lot on the line.

16 bouquet.jpg (109497 bytes) Action shot, bouquet in mid-flight.

15 gartertoss.jpg (108206 bytes) Now the garter toss was a little more tame.  No one was too anxious to catch it.  Nick was the one who ended up with it.

06 steiny.jpg (88675 bytes) Nick, who caught the garter, with Kara and the girl who caught the bouquet.

14 ymca.jpg (100229 bytes) Four "volunteers" were called up for a Y.M.C.A. dance.  Here Tom is really getting into it.

13 ymca.jpg (100583 bytes) And again, the Y.M.C.A. boys.  Greg was also up there.

12 ymca.jpg (98220 bytes) Still at it.

05 dancing.jpg (90978 bytes) Later in the reception we had a dance for all the OU alumni (and current students).

04 leake.jpg (109223 bytes) It was great to be with the old gang again.  And people were getting called into the center of the ring to break it down the best they could.  And no, I wasn't in pain.

03 dancing.jpg (118143 bytes) Nick and Rachel cutting the rug.

02 huss.jpg (122330 bytes) And, of course, Huss was called upon to exhibit his uncanny ability to do the worm.

01 jeff,kellie,scott.jpg (90398 bytes) Jeff with Kellie and Scott, who are also getting married.  So many weddings!

31 couple.jpg (60333 bytes) And the happy couple, Kara and Frank.

29 guys.jpg (77876 bytes) Four bachelors:  Steiny, Leake, Huss, and T-Gunn.  Okay, sorry Jill.  Tom isn't exactly an ELIGIBLE bachelor.

28 bride,jeff.jpg (66111 bytes) Jeff and the bride.

33 scott,jeff.jpg (67094 bytes) After the reception a bunch of us went to a local hangout where Kellie used to bartend - Doc Watson's.

32 jeff,kellie.jpg (84432 bytes) Jeff and Kellie.  I don't know the other guy in this picture.