Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000)


01 mike,kerry.jpg (67979 bytes) Mike and Kerry, one of our 9 S. Congress neighbors, hanging out in the backyard at 10 S. High

02 mike,bro,kerry.jpg (79103 bytes) Kerry with Mike and his brother.

03 kerry,jeff.jpg (60073 bytes) Kerry and Jeff.

04 kerry.jpg (113031 bytes) Okay, there's no way I'll be able to explain this to anyone that hasn't witnessed it, but Kerry had this ability to convincingly wrestle inanimate objects.  As confusing as it may sound, it's one of the singularly most hilarious things I've ever seen.  Here she is wrestling a bush.

05 backyard.jpg (86951 bytes) A shot of our driveway that was our backyard at 10 S. High.

06 backyard.jpg (105558 bytes) In the backyard looking away from the house.

07 backporch.jpg (99958 bytes) And the view of our leaning back porch.

08 kitchen.jpg (92265 bytes) Our luxurious kitchen.

09 bathroom.jpg (80328 bytes) And downstairs bathroom.

10 jeff.jpg (75459 bytes) Jeff and an index finger at the Pigskin.

11 josh,jeff.jpg (86448 bytes) Josh and Jeff at the Pigskin.  Josh used to bartend at the Pigskin and always treated us well.  He's actually been in Athens longer than Leake has.

12 jeff,anne,ryan.jpg (96050 bytes) Jeff, Anne, and Ryan at the Pigskin.

13 group.jpg (106802 bytes) Guy, Chevron, and Leake, with Duffy and Valerie in the back.  Again, still at the Pigskin.

14 chris,jeff.jpg (84154 bytes) Chris and Jeff.

15 jake,jeff.jpg (76122 bytes) Jake and Jeff.

16 jeff,j.d.jpg (77970 bytes) Here Jeff is with one of the Backstreet Boys.  At least, for a while, J.D. thought he was a Backstreet Boy.

17 mike.jpg (88252 bytes) Mike packing up his stuff for the move out.

18 mandy,brad.jpg (100171 bytes) Brad with sister Mandy, who would visit us time to time from Miami University.

19 group.jpg (105520 bytes) Daryn and Darcy actually threw a party!  It was a miracle.  I can't remember who the girl on the left is, but following her there's Darcy, Dawn, Toni, and Toni's brother in front.  Jeff and Dan in the back.

20 brian,jeff,scott.jpg (80965 bytes) I've known these guys since my freshman year, thanks to Brancel:  Brian, Jeff, and Scott.

21 jeff,daryn.jpg (78553 bytes) Jeff with Daryn, the host for the evening.

22 jeff,daryn,frank.jpg (90526 bytes) Jeff, Daryn, and Frank.

23 guys.jpg (103738 bytes) Daryn and his homeboys.  No, seriously, they're his friends from home.

24 jeff,darcy.jpg (90648 bytes) Jeff and Darcy, the hostess.

25 jeff,darcy.jpg (82967 bytes) I'm not sure why the repetition, but......

26 jeff,darcy.jpg (89694 bytes) Why stop at two?  I think we finally get our act together by the third shot.