Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000)


01 board.jpg (84850 bytes) And the infamous countdown board that was used for ripping on fellow housemates more than anything else.  The three numbered items on the board refer to plots we had against the girls that lived behind us at 9 S. Congress.  Those poor girls just didn't know what hit them.  I lost a camera that had a ton of shots of our various activities, and I'm still ticked at myself about that.  Item 1 is self-explanatory, Item 2 involved a quarter mile of Syran Wrap, and Item 3 involved an after hours party at their house while they were all out of town.  Some potatoes may have been involved with Item 3.  

02 betas.jpg (97872 bytes) At the girls' house behind us.  This night was pretty funny.  Some Beta's down the street got mad because of something one of the girls said to one of their girlfriends.  So, of course, they had to make an issue out of it.  John, Craig, and Sean talking on the left as Matt is on alert.  Luckily, nothing ended up happening.

03 night.jpg (68615 bytes) John and Mike pulling Kerry back from the fracas.  She was in someone's face about the whole incident.

04 weasel.jpg (80367 bytes) For some reason, this quarter the Weasel decided to bring back this huge box of bottle rockets.  So, at all hours of the night, he could be found setting them off in our backyard.  Often, they were shot at the neighbors house behind us.

05 latenight.jpg (86341 bytes) After hours party at 10 S. High:  some of our buddies and some of the girls that lived behind us.

06 john,gini,matt.jpg (120827 bytes) Johnny M., Gini, and Garmon.

07 latenight.jpg (94106 bytes) The neighbors still over for late night:  Matt and Gini, Nicole, and Kerry.

08 latenight.jpg (103299 bytes) Nicole, John, Kerry, and Brad up on their feet.  Garmon on the couch and Caruso in the recliner.  I think Mike had had enough.

09 stephanie,jeff.jpg (86397 bytes) Stephanie also lived behind us.  I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture.

10 stephanie,jeff.jpg (80080 bytes) A little better:  Stephanie and Jeff at the Junction.

11 kerry,dan.jpg (81500 bytes) Kerry and Dan.

12 dan,toni.jpg (91491 bytes) And Dan and Toni.

13 guys.jpg (95025 bytes) Hanging out at the Pub:  Weasel, Cortad, Chrystie, Harvey (Nasty Neal), and Huss.

14 ryan,jeff.jpg (90083 bytes) Ryan and Jeff at the Pub.

15 shuffle.jpg (102278 bytes) Getting started with the Three-Legged Shuffle, where each of us was fastened to another by the leg.  We set the meeting place for 4:30 at Grinder's, then made our way up Union to Court St.  There were about 20 of us total, and we used various things with which to attach to one another.  We also wore some completely random articles of clothing for the affair, a few of us sporting the classic Greenery shirts.  Click here for the actual schedule we used.  Believe it or not, we actually stuck with it.

16 caruso.jpg (96963 bytes) Mike holding what became our mascot for the evening.  The biggest Kinko's could do.  For the actual picture, see below.  It was a little fun we had at Mike's expense.  Unfortunately, we lost our poster during the torrential downpour that consumed Athens.  The wind literally ripped it out of Mike's hand.

20 mike.jpg (901447 bytes) And here's the picture in question.

17 jeff,ryan.jpg (94871 bytes) Before the downpour:  Jeff and Ryan at the Smiling Skull Saloon.  The poor girl was tied to me most of the night and managed to keep her sanity.  Props for that.

18 group.jpg (104925 bytes) Still dry:  Toni, Matt, Amber, Dawn, and Ryan at the Smiling Skull with another copy of the mascot.  This smaller version managed to make it the whole night, I believe.

19 nicole,jeff,ryan.jpg (89645 bytes) Nicole, Jeff, and Ryan at the Smiling Skull.

20 group.jpg (115056 bytes) And this is directly after we got soaked.  Of course, the rain didn't start until we had our longest walk outside - up to Skippers further up on Union.  Two pairs actually stayed attached during the all-out sprint:  Brad and Dan, and Jeff and Ryan.  I was pretty proud of that, though I was soaking wet.  Here we are after the rain let up, see the next picture for a closer look.

21 groupedit.jpg (187773 bytes) Completely soaked outside Skippers.  In the front:  Dawn, Dan, Toni, and Darcy.  In the middle:  Amber, Mike, Ryan, Daryn, Brad.  And in the back:  Zac, Jeff, John, and Ryan.

22 shuffle.jpg (105073 bytes) Outside O'Hooley's, getting ready to continue on our merry way.

23 shuffle.jpg (81203 bytes) Not to be outdone, Weasel, sporting Santa hat, decided to take things one step further.  Here he is tied to Dawn AND Amber.  Lucky guy.  On the right Otis, always fashionable, sporting the Goofy hat.

24 group.jpg (117181 bytes) On Court St. outside the Night Court:  Jeff, Ryan, Mike, Darcy, and John in the front with Daryn and Ryan in the back.  Leake decided to wear the beret leftover from the previous Halloween's Marching 111-126.

25 ryan.jpg (104572 bytes) Here's Ryan with a copy of Caruso.

26 daryn,darcy.jpg (104060 bytes) Daryn and Darcy at the Cat's Eye.  I remember Darcy at this point.  "Oh, don't worry about me, I'll make it.  No problem."  She didn't quite follow through on those words.

27 group.jpg (120848 bytes) Still at the Cat's Eye:  John, Brad, and Tim in front.  In back:  Dawn, Jeff, Amber, Toni, Ryan, and Daryn, with Garmon in the way back.  Actually, I think he's got my beret.

At the Junction:  a couple people decided to hold Dan upside down by his ankles.  I have an idea, let's pick one of the biggest guys with us and hold him over a balcony.  The bouncers weren't too pleased about the whole thing, but I can't say any of us really cared what they thought. *

Then the Weasel's turn......makes a little more sense, eh? *


* contributed by Dan Bednar