Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000)


At a social with the girls that lived behind us:  Dan and Jeff with one of their friends. *

Sweetie Pietie:  this Bud's for you. *

Mike, Brad, Dan, and Neal. *

Dan and Kerry. *

22 group.jpg (102286 bytes) Wednesday night on the town.  Dan, Jeff, and Ryan with a few of our neighbors:  Patty, Christie, and Shauna.

21 kerry.jpg (64342 bytes) Okay, I know that's our neighbor Kerry running back to her house, but I'm not sure why.  Perhaps she was caught sneaking out of our house.

20 group.jpg (92009 bytes) And, of course, the Junction on Thursday night:  Dawn, Toni, Jeff, Amber, and Darcy.

19 daryn,jeff.jpg (66353 bytes) Daryn and Jeff chilling at the Junction.

18 mantle.jpg (88222 bytes) And this is our mantle at 10 S. High.  Each item had special meaning to us (and usually to those that were missing them, too!).

17 group.jpg (79527 bytes) At Dan's cottage Friday  night, keeping warm by the fire.  Dan, Christie, Ryan, Amber, and Jeff.  A bunch of Christie's roommees went to Put-In-Bay that day, so she rode up with us to meet them.

16 group.jpg (72086 bytes) Trying to keep warm:  Ryan, Jeff, Toni, Amber, Dan, and a bunch of Dan's buddies from home.

15 katie,jeff.jpg (62301 bytes) Katie and Jeff.  Katie showed up latenight with her pals that she went to Put-In-Bay with........

14 help.jpg (91532 bytes) And here they are now.

13 groupboat.jpg (98076 bytes) The group of us on the boat over to Put-In-Bay:  Toni, Christy, Neal, Dan, Jeff, and Jay.

12 boys.jpg (74260 bytes) And the boys:  Nasty Neal, Sweetie Petie, Otis, and Boom Boom.

11 boat.jpg (71418 bytes) Once again:  Jay, Toni, Amber, Dan, Christy, Emily, Jeff, and Neal.

10 merrygoround.jpg (153057 bytes) There's a story behind this merry-go-round.  While walking by it Huss thought he'd jump on it while it was going full-tilt and set himself up for one of the best wipeouts in recent memory.  I'm sorry it didn't catch it on film.

09 pieton.jpg (73337 bytes) Pieton enjoying himself at the Beer Barrel.  Pat Dailey was performing on this particular evening.

08 otis,neal,amber.jpg (72754 bytes) Dan, Neal, and Amber.  I have know idea what Dan is doing here.  If anyone does, let me know........

07 otis.jpg (88808 bytes) Because he looks very suspicious.

06 otis.jpg (76315 bytes) Dan just trying to earn some beads from Christy.

05 jay,neal,huss.jpg (79835 bytes) Pieton, Harvey, and Huss.

04 barrel.jpg (66365 bytes) I guess that would be a speaker.

03 pieton,leake.jpg (96845 bytes) Jason and Jeff on the trip back.

01 harv,otis,sweetie.jpg (99715 bytes) Back at the cottage Dan decided to entertain us further.  Here he is with Neal and Jay.

02 rachel,johnny.jpg (100922 bytes) Back at OU:  Rachel and Johnny cruising around.

24 neighbors'.jpg (86522 bytes) And, here we are at after hours at 9 S. Congress, our neighbors' house.  Of course, none of them were home that night, but that didn't stop us.

25 t.v.jpg (90274 bytes) Huss and Dan help themselves to the television.  We found some tape of Patty and Katie on some T.V. show.  That was pretty interesting.

23 dunno.jpg (88776 bytes) And, of course, a little mockery of the Chi-Omega paddle.

26 otis.jpg (81096 bytes) Dan cooking up some stuff he found in the freezer.  I believe they were potatoes.  Chopped ones, though.  We saved the whole ones to stash throughout the house.  Some were actually still there when they moved out at the end of the year.

27 otis,toni.jpg (92049 bytes) Dan thinks he's still on Put-In-Bay, trying to earn beads.


* thanks to Dan Bednar