Spring Quarter, Fifth Year (2000) - PalmerFest Weekend


01 party.jpg (143909 bytes) A view of the scene out back that Friday night.  Needless to say, 12 kegs and harry buffalo brings them out of the woodwork.  The roommates actually started out about 3:00 that afternoon, playing euchre in the backyard.

02 party.jpg (143027 bytes) And we made our presence heard, speakers mounted on the roof while broadcasting S. High Radio: 92.3 MHz.

03 party.jpg (116550 bytes) We roughly estimated the turnover crowd at over 500 people.  I really don't doubt it.

04 otis.jpg (83846 bytes) Dan and his latest victim.

05 jeff,tom.jpg (87932 bytes) Jeff and Tom out back at 10 S. High.  It must be after midnight, since it looks like I actually had a shower by this time.

06 party.jpg (130008 bytes) Another picture of tons of people I don't know.

07 jay.jpg (79296 bytes) Jay was visiting and had a great time that night.  But he should know better than to be the first asleep and not lock the door.  He'd been away from the game too long, I guess.

08 mike,jay.jpg (92901 bytes) Though I'm sure Mike had nothing to do with it, judging by the look on his face.

09 mandy,danielle.jpg (85795 bytes) Late night Friday:  Brad's sister, Mandy, and her roommate, Danielle, visiting from Miami University.

10 john, marty.jpg (150055 bytes) Big John and, I think, Marty crashed on the couch in the family room.  They always made the trip down for big weekends.  Naturally, it looks as if they were subjected to the antics of mischievous roommates, too.

11 jay,mike.jpg (105499 bytes) Sweetie Pietie and the Lil' Guy.  The next day we headed up to the Pigskin around 2:00.  It was great, there must have been 30 of us there.  People were visiting from all over.  PalmerFest is kind of like an unofficial Homecoming for many.

12 palmer.jpg (114615 bytes) A picture of the scene at PalmerFest earlier in the day, looks like bands were already playing.  We hauled a trash can with some beer and ice down to the affair, so as to minimize trips to the store.

13 group.jpg (113551 bytes) A mix of current students and alumni:  Kinga, Ryan, Becky, Jeff, and Tammy.

14 jeff.jpg (123416 bytes) Jeff with the girls that took the picture above for us.

15 palmer.jpg (117835 bytes) Later Saturday night at PalmerFest.

16 chetta,jeff.jpg (87611 bytes) Chetta and Jeff up near the stage.

17 palmer.jpg (129422 bytes) Another picture of the general chaos.

18 palmer.jpg (128143 bytes) You might notice that a lot of people in the crowd are wet.  That's where a lot the beer ended up going as the night wore on.

19 oar.jpg (113791 bytes) O.A.R. was the last band to play that night.

20 jeff,chetta.jpg (102598 bytes) Jeff and Chetta, soaked from the cans flying overhead (many of which were full).

21 tim.jpg (93493 bytes) For some of the night a ring was formed in which guys pitted themselves against one another.  I just feel sorry for whoever this is wrestling Tim.

22 dan,jeff,toni.jpg (106246 bytes) Dan, Jeff, Toni, huddled around Dan's sandal, evidently.

23 jeff,neighbors.jpg (88445 bytes) Jeff with a bunch of our neighbors that lived at 9 S. Congress:  Patty, Gini, Katie, Christy, and Stephanie.

24 jeff,rick.jpg (101810 bytes) Jeff and Rick hanging out at Palmer.