Spring Quarter, Junior Year (1998)


I was about the only one that didn't go on this spring break (don't really know why).  Here's SOME of who was there: top - Dan, Kim, Amanda, Neal, Rick; middle - Brad and Andrea; bottom - Mike, Amy, and Eleanor.

24 josh,dom.jpg (87987 bytes) Party at 402A:  Josh and Dom keeping an eye on the keg.

23 josh,jay,dom.jpg (84681 bytes) Josh, Jason, and Domonic.

22 eleanor,jay.jpg (78552 bytes) Jason and Eleanor getting their groove on.  Jay never could keep up with her.

21 huss.jpg (23744 bytes) This picture's tough to see, but if you look really close you can see Huss performing the much requested worm like only he can.

20 alina,cat.jpg (53785 bytes) Alina and Cat in 402A.  We never did have enough seating in that apartment.  We figured more people can fit in one place standing up.

19 oney.jpg (116809 bytes) Oney was always ready to break out some funky dance.

18 stroud's.jpg (115734 bytes) A beautiful day at Strouds Run:  Amanda, Josh, Tanya, Neal, Rick, and Jeff.

17 stroud's.jpg (153247 bytes) Still at Strouds:  Huss and Leake sitting above Big John, Harvey, Bednar, and Hubox.  With this bunch I'm surprised there's not a Frisbee somewhere in the picture.

16 kristen, eleanor,rachel.jpg (107166 bytes) In the kitchen for Cat's 21st birthday at 119 Mill St.  From right to left:  Rachel, Eleanor, Kristen, and their friend.

14 j.d.,rachel,jeff.jpg (106208 bytes) J.D., Rachel, and Jeff early on in the night at 119 Mill.

15 j.d.,rachel,jeff.jpg (81672 bytes) J.D., Rachel, and Jeff as seen through the eyes of anyone at this party by 1:00 A.M.

12 darlene,jeff.jpg (76063 bytes) Darlene, also of 119 Mill, and Jeff.

07 jeff,alina.jpg (85921 bytes) Jeff and Alina acting spontaneous during Cat's 21st at 119 Mill St.

11 jeff,cat.jpg (92546 bytes) And here's the birthday girl:  Jeff and Cat shortly before things went awry.  It seemed the local law enforcement had a problem with the way things were handled at the party, resulting in a trip for two to Nelsonville that night.

25 jeff.jpg (59049 bytes) I have no idea what I'm doing here, but I think it was during our trip to the bank that night.  A handful of us threw together a sum of money in a half hour around 1:30 in the morning.  I think the most props goes to Autumn, who willingly contributed a chunk of the money mistakingly thinking that she WASN'T going to get it back.  We were all hopping in the car to head to Nelsonville when she said something about it.  Not surprisingly, I think she felt better after learning the money would be returned.

08 alina.jpg (69256 bytes) Alina walking down Court St. as we try to make arrangements for the trip to Nelsonville to free our friends.

06 cat.jpg (82478 bytes) If you look closely, you can see Cat in full stride as she embraces freedom.  It must have been about four in the morning when that door finally swung open and Cat came running out to the car as we all cheered her on and took pictures.  I know, nice friends.

09 darlene.jpg (68949 bytes) Darlene after being liberated from her short stay in Nelsonville.  It was pushing 4:30 by the time we got out of there.

05 cat,jeff.jpg (85793 bytes) The next night we had a little get-together at our apartment so the girls could just chill without sweating the night before:  Jeff and Cat in 402A.

04 guys.jpg (110955 bytes) Alright, I know three of these guys, anyways:  Dennis, Nick, and Scott with some other hoodlums.

10 apartment.jpg (94931 bytes) Mort, Monica, Heather, and Tom hanging out in 402A.

03 alina.jpg (76683 bytes) Alina breaking it down.

02 tracy,mary.jpg (116812 bytes) Tracy and Mary on the balcony outside our apartment.

01 alina,josh,jasmine,huss.jpg (115057 bytes) And the table enduring its normal abuse:  Alina, Josh, Jasmine, and Huss boogying.