Spring Quarter, Junior Year (1998)


22 jay,eleanor.jpg (92325 bytes) Jason and Eleanor enjoying each others' company the first night of camping.  We actually left for the camp site in two shifts.  It was about a three hour drive and the first shift, led by Josh, left to get the half dozen or so tents setup while the rest of us made the trip as soon as we were done with class.  Of course, on the way there Kara's car started making a noise so we had to stop.  Turned out just to be a heat shield, but I was nervous when Derek climbed under to remove it with an angry dog chained just a few yards away, not being shy in letting us know it was angry.

24 group.jpg (109650 bytes) Hanging out in front of the fire:  Ryan, Jenny, Scott, Kellie, and Cat in the back.  One thing we weren't short on that weekend was spirits.  We practically had a fully stocked bar, with Kellie as the bartender, of course.

16 dancing.jpg (85919 bytes) And of course music pumping out of a little stereo.  Jennie, Darlene, and Cat dancing around the fire.

23 fire.jpg (113105 bytes) Everyone trying to keep warm:  Cat, Alina, Kristen, Ryan, Jason, Ryan, and Darlene.  We were up late partying and having a good time.  Must have kept the neighbors up, too, because the next morning at 7:00 they got up and banged pans together for like fifteen minutes for paybacks.  Fortunately, I slept right through it.

26 eleanor,jay.jpg (104393 bytes) Jay and Eleanor late night.  At one point in the night, an employee of the campsite came by our camp site because of noise.  In a stroke of irony, he actually went to the neighbors to tell them to  keep it down, not us.  Of course, it didn't start raining until after we went to bed.  Some of the tents didn't get set-up and merely sat on the ground and got soaked.  Brilliant, I know.

25 jay.jpg (87652 bytes) And Jay dancing by himself.  Everyone else must have crashed.  Josh thought he'd just spend the night sleeping on a bail of straw.  When the rain started in the middle of the night I peaked out of my tent and just saw him spring up and run away into the darkness.  Later I found out he was heading for the shelter of a car. It was actually a pretty warm night the first night, but that didn't last.  We managed to leave everything from cameras to the stereo out in the rain on the second night.

19 group.jpg (127959 bytes) And here's the group.  Ryan took the picture, because after the night before I doubt we would have asked any of the neighbors to take any pictures for us.  Ryan Morton and Ryan Huss are also missing, I think they were in the shower.  Don't they know anything about camping?  Anyways:  Eleanor, Jennie, Kim, Darlene, Rachel, Kristen, Cat, Jason sitting down, Derek with his hand raised, Alina, Jeff, Rick, Kara, Josh, Jenny, Scott and Kellie

04 josh,derek,cat.jpg (127306 bytes) Saturday after rousing everyone, we decided to go for a hike into the gorge.  Good and bad idea.  It was a beautiful walk, but most of us felt a little under the weather.  Josh, with Derek and Cat peeking through the window.

05 group.jpg (195982 bytes) Part of the hiking group:  Cat, Josh, Rick, Alina, Mortbn, and Derek, with Huss in front.

03 gorge.jpg (170898 bytes) A view of the New River from the trail.

06 group.jpg (145966 bytes) At the top of a set up stairs leading down into the gorge, taking a break:  Josh, Derek, Eleanor, Jay, Rick, Ryan, and Kim standing up.

17 cat,josh,alina.jpg (152355 bytes) What a graceful trio:  Cat, Josh, and Alina.

18 cat,kara.jpg (112255 bytes) Cat and Kara as we get ready to head back to the campsite.

07 eleanor,derek.jpg (151054 bytes) Keeping warm in more ways than one:  Eleanor and Derek.  One of the funnier things that weekend was seeing Eleanor with that bottle of Jack.

08 group.jpg (135907 bytes) And the fall of night number two, around the circle starting in front:  Alina, Kellie, Scott, Kara, Jenny, Ryan, Rachel, and Jeff.  We were well-stocked even for the second night.  What a blast.

09 kristen,kara,rachel.jpg (116167 bytes) Kristen, Kara, and Rachel as night falls.

02 twister.jpg (209439 bytes) And yes, we broke Twister out on the second night.  The ground was soaked so everyone had to take their shoes off in order to play.  Here Alina and Darlene practicing for the main event.

01 twister.jpg (182041 bytes) Alina, Jeff, Eleanor, and Jay playing Twister.  I have no idea what Josh is doing, maybe he's running the dial.

14 twister.jpg (89153 bytes) Even Ricky Steele got in on the action:  Rick, Eleanor, Jennie, and Rachel.

13 twister.jpg (114676 bytes) And then of course there was the couple's game:  Ryan, Jenny, Scott, and Kellie.  I didn't take any pictures of what this eventually led to.  Just kidding!

20 jeff,alina.jpg (98752 bytes) Jeff and Alina.  Is it me or is she sitting down right here?  I believe that's a disqualification.

10 josh,alina.jpg (88664 bytes) Two thugs:  Josh and Alina blinded by the light.

12 jay,eleanor.jpg (95545 bytes) Jason and Eleanor having an intimate moment with a bottle of Bacardi before being rudely interrupted by a photographer.

15 derek.jpg (87765 bytes) Derek chowing on what appears to be a Whopper on the way home from camping.  As it ended up, Derek or Jeff ended up driving Kara's car to and from the campsite around some tight turns on a dirt road.

29 apartment.jpg (87032 bytes) Wasting film:  the back wall of our apartment.

28 mort.jpg (106564 bytes) Morton watching a T.V. that's not even on in 402A.

27 hallway.jpg (94217 bytes) And looking down our hallway.

11 mort.jpg (115500 bytes) Mort never could just smile for pictures.  Here he is in his usual weekend morning (afternoon) spot.