Spring Quarter and Summer, Junior Year (1998)


23 kristen.jpg (93119 bytes) My cousin Kristen came down to visit for a weekend.

22 girls.jpg (111701 bytes) Last party of the year in 402A:  Kay, Autumn, Kellie, Rachel, Jenny, and Missy.

19 worm.jpg (83833 bytes) Of course, Huss was called upon to do the worm.  Never to let down the crowd, he obliged.

20 girls.jpg (128585 bytes) Three lovely ladies:  Jenny, Cat, and Kellie.

18 group.jpg (82084 bytes) And my cousin with her friends that lived in the next building over:  Michelle, Jenn, Stacy, and Kristen.

04 huss.jpg (94049 bytes) And one of the highlights of the quarter.  Huss finally decided to cut his hair, we'd been ripping on him for years about it.  Sears doing the bulk of the work with Josh helping.

05 huss.jpg (89796 bytes) Everyone wanted to take part in the affair.  Tom getting a piece of the action.

06 huss.jpg (103675 bytes) And Huss after the haircut, and after a rough night.

07 huss.jpg (90059 bytes) And again.  Yeah, I'm sick of him, too.

08 huss,cat.jpg (103923 bytes) Ryan and Cat at the Pigskin.

09 jeff,cat.jpg (118656 bytes) Jeff and Cat.

10 huss,leake.jpg (112925 bytes) Huss and Leake in familiar surroundings.

11 alina,cat.jpg (119394 bytes) Alina and Cat in all their glory.  As for Cat's shirt:  "Beneath this cold exterior is a powder keg full of passion."

12 spidey,raggy.jpg (80695 bytes) Morton's childhood buddy, Spidey, and what's left of Jill's doll, Raggie, hanging out in the sprinkler system.  The two of them were never thrilled with people messing with their special friends, so I don't think anyone ever fessed up to it.

14 jeff,kara.jpg (115561 bytes) Jeff and Kara at the Pigskin, one last time for the year.

15 kellie.jpg (91922 bytes) Kellie in her room at 149 Mill St.  I don't know what she sees in the mirror that is so hideous.

16 kellie.jpg (110508 bytes) Kellie scared and hiding in the corner.  Don't ask me why.  Balderdash was a popular game for us that quarter.

28 strouds.jpg (176867 bytes) Later that summer the roommates came to Athens to celebrate Tom's 21st birthday.  Jill was down here for the summer, and so was Morton.  The rest of us made the trip.  Here we are kicking it at Strouds Run:  Huss, Morton, Tom, Jake, and Leake.

03 jill,tom.jpg (76498 bytes) Jill and Tom that night at her apartment.

02 jake,mort,huss.jpg (110159 bytes) Jake and Morton cuddling on the couch as Huss looks on.

01 tom,jill,huss.jpg (109025 bytes) Still at Jill's:  Tom, Huss, and Jill.

27 tom.jpg (84653 bytes) And later that night, Tom threw his own party.

26 jake,tom,mort.jpg (90024 bytes) Jake, Tom, and Hortense.  Always there for their friends.

25 tom.jpg (91286 bytes) Goodnight Tom.

24 huss,mort.jpg (96244 bytes) Here's the house on S. Congress where Morton stayed for the summer.  He was actually subleasing from his girlfriend.  Huss and Morton hanging out.

13 jeff,kristen.jpg (89822 bytes) Jeff and Kristen in 402A.