Spring Quarter, Junior Year (1998)


01 mort,tom.jpg (91931 bytes) Morton and Tom in the apartment, the remnants of a party in the background.  Mort, can't you just sit there?

11 tom,jill.jpg (87709 bytes) Tom and Jill.

10 group.jpg (97715 bytes) Fellow West Greeners Jennie, Tanya, Jill, and a friend of theirs.  This was shortly after we threw the biggest party we ever dared.  Afterward, we decided four kegs were a little too much for the apartment.  People standing on the counter, the back of the couch, etc.  It wasn't pretty.

25 group.jpg (123561 bytes) Tom, Jill, Morton, and Kurt.

09 girls.jpg (96566 bytes) Tanya, Chetta, and Jennie.  We'd known them since the dorm days, back on West Green.

08 alina,missy.jpg (126472 bytes) Alina and Missy at 75 N. High.  Our buddies Chevron, Duffy, Will, Rob, and Ian lived there.  And if you thought we threw a lot of parties, these guys put us to shame.

07 jeff,aaron,josh.jpg (118576 bytes) Still at 75 N. High:  Leake, Cooper, and Hubox.  Cooper with a typical pose.

06 cat,jeff.jpg (87369 bytes) Cat and Jeff.  And yes, it was raining that night.

05 jeff,michelle.jpg (87336 bytes) Jeff and Michelle.  Michelle also lived on West Green, though she's a couple years younger than us.  We used to go back to Boyd Beach to toss the Frisbee around.

19 oney.jpg (75471 bytes) Introducing Derek Oney.

18 jasmine,jeff.jpg (101895 bytes) Jasmine and Jeff.  No idea what we're up to here.

24 kellie,guys.jpg (89041 bytes) These guys showed up soaking wet at our door wearing wigs for the Mom's Weekend get-together:  Oney, Hubox, and Sears with Kellie.

17 cat,dar.jpg (119084 bytes) Mom's Weekend, dancing in the apartment:  Cat and Darlene.

16 group.jpg (111854 bytes) Jeff, Kristen, Domonic, Jason, Josh, and Jason's mom.  I think a few people adopted Mrs. Pieton that year, since they didn't have a mom of their own visiting.

15 moms.jpg (105128 bytes) Jason and his mom, with Kristen and her mom.

20 cat,mom.jpg (85735 bytes) Cat and her mother having a moment.

12 dar,mom.jpg (86217 bytes) Darlene and her mom came by, too.

13 jeff,kristen.jpg (89822 bytes) Jeff and Kristen in 402A.

22 group.jpg (98433 bytes) A couple of couples:  Adam and Erin, and Amanda and Adam.

21 moms.jpg (90796 bytes) My mom was a little upset because she didn't get down until the day after our little Mom's Weekend affair at the apartment.  It was kind of an impromptu thing.  The next day:  Jeff and his mom with our neighbor Amanda and her mom.

13 neighbors.jpg (112379 bytes) Five of the nicest girls ever lived next door to us.  Four managed to make it over to dinner when we made it for them.  Actually, Tom did most of the work.  Around the table:  Amy, Mary, Kristin, and Heidi.

14 group.jpg (104771 bytes) And the roommates with two of our neighbors, Mary and Heidi.

04 group.jpg (107137 bytes) Hanging out at 149 Mill, where Cat, Alina, Kellie, Darlene, and Kara lived.  I can't remember that guy's name, but he's with Kellie, Kara, and Jodi.

03 kristen,rachel,cat.jpg (104037 bytes) Kristen, Rachel, and Cat.

02 scott,kellie.jpg (98548 bytes) And the happy couple:  Scott and Kellie.  Little did they know that they'd end up getting married.  Or maybe they did know, I don't know.