Spring Quarter, Junior Year (1998)


01 jenny,jeff.jpg (74686 bytes) Okay, as far as I can discern, this page covers two parties in the old apartment.  Here's the start of a typical party:  Jenny, Jeff, and I'm guessing some else behind the finger.

04 brad,makayla.jpg (71724 bytes) Brad and Makayla enjoying each others' company.

22 nique,maria.jpg (95088 bytes) Of course, Dominique with the attitude, as John and Maria look on.

19 kate,jeff.jpg (90066 bytes) Kate and Jeff in the thick of things.

20 party.jpg (83204 bytes) A shot of the action as seen from our trusty coffee table.

21 surfing.jpg (99792 bytes) Huss crowd surfing.  Our neighbors downstairs simply adored us, to the extent of actually calling the local law enforcement during one of our parties.  Ahhhh, I'll miss those girls.  Those darling girls.........

23 jeff,werv,sean.jpg (101264 bytes) Leake, Wervey, and Chrystie sweating it out in 402A.

02 aftermath.jpg (114858 bytes) And the aftermath as seen the next day.  Structurally, the apartment seemed to have survived.

09 chetta,jeff.jpg (70309 bytes) Chetta and Jeff.  This picture marks the beginning of another party we had that quarter.  A party to end all parties, as far as we were concerned.  Four kegs proved to be too much for our fourth floor abode.  It seemed as if a lot more "randoms" showed up than usual, I think people more freely advertise parties involving four kegs as opposed to three.

07 party.jpg (121235 bytes) Overview of the apartment somewhat early on.

03 party group.jpg (93139 bytes) Jay, Neal, Chetta, Josh, and Eleanor doing it up.  Things were starting to heat up at this point.

05 jeff,michelle.jpg (81500 bytes) Jeff and Michelle, a friend from Columbus that happened to live in the next building over.

06 gasper.jpg (111410 bytes) Gasper breaking it down.

08 wosco,dan.jpg (126111 bytes) And Wosco and Bednar taking their turn in the circle.

10 party.jpg (134323 bytes) At this point things were pretty much out of control.  I remember people standing on the counter, the back of the couch, and whatever else had a smidgin' of surface area.

11 kat,dar.jpg (88214 bytes) Could always count on Cat and Dar to show up.

12 dom,nique,john,heather.jpg (79972 bytes) A couple more regulars:  Domonic and Dominique, with John and Heather behind them.  I believe that's Zimmy waving to the camera.

13 party.jpg (113555 bytes) A shot of the crowd in the apartment.

14 makayla,jeff,erin.jpg (71202 bytes) Makayla, Jeff, and Erin pause for a moment.

15 brad.jpg (55119 bytes) Zimmy must have gotten a hold of my camera at some point.

16 nique.jpg (96930 bytes) Nique, no stranger at our parties, knows to stock up when its her turn at the keg.  Of course, she probably just bullies everyone out of the way.

17 michelle,john.jpg (73875 bytes) Michelle and John.

18 kat,jeff.jpg (72877 bytes) Kat was visiting from Miami University, and managed to swing by for a little bit.