Spring Quarter, Senior Year (1999)


24 huss.jpg (89733 bytes) Hussle T finally got his keg of Killians.  He was one happy camper.

22 dar, nikki, friend.jpg (99271 bytes) Darlene, Nikki, and their friend from home laughing it up.

21 jeff, cat.jpg (83892 bytes) Jeff and Cat during one of our last parties in 402A.

20 mary, josh, tracy.jpg (104688 bytes) Mary, Josh, and Tracy in the old apartment.

19 party.jpg (119479 bytes) And of course, the usual crowd.

17 cat, jeff.jpg (88332 bytes) Again, Cat and Jeff.  I think we had to get at least two pictures together any night I had a camera on me.

16 vito, becky.jpg (97618 bytes) Now here's a classy couple:  one of my good friends from high school, Becky, with my buddy Vito (who just so happens to be her boyfriend as well).

15 tom, jill, darcy.jpg (95442 bytes) Tom, his girlfriend Jill, and Darcy dancing, of course, on the table.  That table took a real beating.

14 party.jpg (112696 bytes) The scene at 402A.

13 Daryn, darcy.jpg (92280 bytes) Daryn and Darcy, otherwise known as the D & D Connection.

12 mort.jpg (101057 bytes) Mort caught in his usual morning attire:  scrubs.

23 group greenery.jpg (118216 bytes) Best friends make one last senior trip to the Greenery:  Hubox, Leake, T-Gunn, Hortense, and Hussle T.

11 tom, jeff.jpg (89326 bytes) Tom and Jeff sweating it out at the Cheese.  Though always hot and crowded, there's no denying the Greenery was a good time.

10 Jeff, brad, tom.jpg (96593 bytes) Leake, Brad, and Tom on the balcony outside the apartment.

09 Mort.jpg (88764 bytes) Once again, Morton in his scrubs.  I don't know what's going on in the back bedroom, but no doubt Tom is up to something.

08 Jill.jpg (60861 bytes) And of course, there's Jill, who was in 402A just about as much as I was.  But she knows we loved every minute.

07 Jeff, Julie, Josh.jpg (100038 bytes) The infamous Greenery party at my future place of residence, 10 S. High.  Jeff, Julie and Josh pose for a quick picture.  There were some shady goings-on that night.

06 Erin and Jeff.jpg (79727 bytes) Erin and Jeff upstairs at 10 S. High.  Appropriately, Erin  dressed as state liquor control.

05 Erin and Huss.jpg (105269 bytes) Erin and Huss, who went as himself to the party.  Fitting, though, since like so many of us he was a fixture of the Greenery freshman year.

04 Eleanor and Jeff.jpg (85157 bytes) The girls behind us had one last party before the end of the year:  Eleanor making me blush.

03 amy and jeff.jpg (102936 bytes) Amy also lived at (was it 68?) N. Congress and graduated that quarter.

02 rick, jeff, sean.jpg (108051 bytes) Rick Steele, Leake, and Sean hanging out on the back porch.

01 mary, tracy, jeff.jpg (97702 bytes) Mary, Tracy, and Jeff at the Pigskin at the end of the quarter.  Where else?