Spring Quarter, Senior Year (1999)


01 mom's.jpg (99339 bytes) Ohio University Mom's Weekend in 402A:  Jill, Julie, Darlene, Kristen, and Missy with their mothers.

02 mom's.jpg (107812 bytes) Three of the roommees:  Tom with Jill's mom, and Jeff and Ryan with their mothers.  Tom's mom couldn't make it down, so he sort of adopted Jill's for the weekend.

03 mom's.jpg (105439 bytes) Hanging out in 402A:  Tom, Jeff, and Ryan with Jill's mom.

04 katie and mom.jpg (100235 bytes) Katie and her mom getting their grove on.

06 dom and kel.jpg (98562 bytes) Dom and Kelly joined the festivities, sans mothers.

07 katie and dom.jpg (115987 bytes) Katie and Domonic tearing up the floor in 402A.

08 jeff and mom.jpg (100446 bytes) Leake and his mom, with Mrs. Radanof in the background.

09 dar, tom, mrs. r.jpg (148975 bytes) Dancing was definitely the theme of the evening:  Darlene, Tom, and of course, Jill's mom.

10 makayla, elyse, mom's.jpg (107723 bytes) Makayla and her mom on each end, and Elyse with her mom and aunt in the middle.

11 group.jpg (140258 bytes) Missy, Kristin, Jen, Elyse, and Erin with their mothers.  More pictures were taken of people on that recliner, I don't really know why.

12 tom, mrs. r.jpg (106438 bytes) Tom and Mrs. Radanof (a.k.a. Di).

13 tom, dar.jpg (119005 bytes) Tom and Darlene.

14 rick, jamie, neal.jpg (122328 bytes) A few other poor momless souls.  Around the counter:  Rick, Jasmine, and Neal.

15 alina, jeff.jpg (97927 bytes) Alina and Jeff, with little sis Jenn on the right.

16 group.jpg (107693 bytes) Another little get-together in 402A:  Tanya, Erin, Missy, Jen, and Elyse.  We could always count on them to show up.

18 girls.jpg (99927 bytes) Four of the 35 W. Washington girls:  Jenny, Cat, Missy, and Kara.

19 guys.jpg (114123 bytes) Huss, Jason, J.D., and Neal.  Guaranteed they're playing Euchre.  Something strange about my group of friends:  none of them EVER lost at Euchre, everyone was undefeated, even though we were always playing against each other.  I never understood that one.

20 jen, erin.jpg (109446 bytes) Jen and Erin.  I have no idea what they're doing.

21 jen, erin.jpg (105625 bytes) Again, Jen and Erin.

22 mort, leake, ivory.jpg (110986 bytes) Mort, Leake, and Ivory hanging out in the doorway.

23 tom, leake, darcy.jpg (96471 bytes) And of course, table dancing:  Tom, Jeff, and Darcy.

24 aaron, brad, leake.jpg (91872 bytes) On the balcony outside of 402A:  Aaron, Brad, and Leake.

25 jeff, cat.jpg (89473 bytes) Jeff and Cat.  Our token picture for the night.

26 autumn, jeff, jill.jpg (97050 bytes) Autumn, Jeff, and Jill among the crowd.

27 scott,kellie,jeff.jpg (80054 bytes) Lovebirds Scott (also known as Scoot) and Kellie (I keep telling her she spells her name wrong) with Scott's roommate Jeff.

28 missy, neal, tanya.jpg (85262 bytes) Missy, Neal, and Tanya kicking back.

29 alina,neal.jpg (90902 bytes) After everyone headed uptown, for some reason Alina, Neal, and I decided to stick around a little longer.

30 neal, alina.jpg (91112 bytes) Neal wasn't quite done dancing.

31 alina, neal.jpg (106301 bytes) Alina and Neal doing some sort of routine.

32 jeff, alina.jpg (102653 bytes) Jeff and Alina.  I think she liked to think she could fly or something.

36 neal,leake.jpg (123930 bytes) Neal and Jeff.  And more abuse for the recliner.

33 huss, mort.jpg (98165 bytes) Hussle T and Morton.  Judging by Mort's posture, I'm thinking this is the next morning (afternoon).

34 apartment.jpg (107673 bytes) Wasting film:  a look at the apartment.

35 huss,leake.jpg (97809 bytes) Huss and Leake chilling in 402A.

37 tom,leake.jpg (106006 bytes) T-Gunn and Leake.  Jill had to get a picture of the both of us "dressed-up" before we all headed to a play.  Of course, both my eyes couldn't possibly be open.