Spring Quarter, Senior Year (1999) - The End


Jay, John, Brad, Dan, and Christie. ***

Matt and Dan kicking back. ***

28 julie,jeff.jpg (114927 bytes) Julie and Jeff at the Pigskin, shooting some pool. *

27 jeff,heather.jpg (83107 bytes) One our last parties at 402A:  Jeff and Heather taking a break from the action. **

29 jeff,becky.jpg (112625 bytes) Jeff and Becky at the Pigskin.  This was the night a few of us went to see a play in the TCOM building, hence, the reason I'm somewhat "dressed up".

01 boys.jpg (104104 bytes) Late night on Court St.:  Steele, Huss, Colin, and Leake.

02 lara,jeff.jpg (89787 bytes) Lara and Jeff at Pawpurr's.

04 roommates.jpg (124134 bytes) And the roommates at the Pigskin:  T-Gunn, Hortense, Leake, and Huss.

06 neal,jeff,josh.jpg (140792 bytes) Neal, Jeff, and Josh.  Neal came back the next year, but Josh graduated and moved to Colorado.

03 kurt,ryan.jpg (84304 bytes) Two guys that survived the TCOM curriculum together, through blood, sweat, and tears:  Kurt and Morton outside at the Pigskin.  This was their last quarter and I've no idea what's happening in this picture.

07 ryan,tom.jpg (89371 bytes) Tom and Morton hanging out in the apartment one last night, getting ready to move out of 402A.  If I remember correctly, Morton was chucking stuff at us as we walked around cleaning.

08 huss,mort.jpg (81027 bytes) Morton cleaning the bathroom.  As you can see in the background, Huss was a huge help.  What is that, a laundry bag?

09 benny.jpg (65798 bytes) And Benny the Bengal Tiger prepares as the end to his 2-year reign over 402A draws nigh.  He was a fixture in the apartment through good times and bad, never wavering, never succumbing to the reckless acts of abandon he saw around him.  To this day he resides, wherever that may be, on the right rear speaker.  We've been through some amazing adventures together.

10 apartment.jpg (72675 bytes) A shot of the apartment before we had to "break it down".

11 apartment.jpg (80906 bytes) Another picture of 402A.

13 roommates.jpg (87646 bytes) Our last night together in the apartment, before we headed uptown:  Tom, Jeff, and the R & R Connection.  Throwback.

14 rooommates.jpg (100866 bytes) Again, the roommates.  Throwback.

12 roommates.jpg (111474 bytes) And yet again.  Monica had the privilege of photographing the Tom-foolery.

05 edit.jpg (100900 bytes) And........whoa! I don't know.

15 jeff,gillettes.jpg (84715 bytes) Uptown at, where else, the Pigskin.  Jeff with Tanya and her mother.

16 becky,jeff.jpg (70375 bytes) Becky and Jeff.

17 clint,jeff.jpg (89909 bytes) Clint-Dogg and Leake.

18 clint,huss.jpg (95340 bytes) Clint and Huss, still at the Pigskin.

19 huss,josh,leake.jpg (110435 bytes) Jeff, Ryan, and Josh.

20 leslie,jeff.jpg (85429 bytes) Leslie and Jeff.

21 tammy,jeff,kinga.jpg (108830 bytes) A thorn between two roses:  Tammy, Jeff, and Kinga.

22 jeff,erin.jpg (64334 bytes) Hey, we're actually getting along:  Jeff and Erin.  I used to give her a hard time, but she's a really cool girl.  It was just so much FUN to make her mad.  It really was.  If you ever see her, tell her to quit acting like she's Irish.  She loves that one.

23 josh,jeff.jpg (116005 bytes) Josh and Jeff at Pawpurr's.  He's a little too excited to be graduating and finally getting away from me.

24 jeff,heather.jpg (71572 bytes) Jeff and Heather at Pawpurr's.

25 kara,jeff.jpg (66310 bytes) Kara and Jeff.

26 group.jpg (122458 bytes) Couldn't stay away from the Pigskin for too long:  Jeff, Robin, Jackie, and Ryan.


*  thanks to Julie Boeke

** thanks to Heather Clugston

*** thanks to Dan Bednar