Spring Break and Quarter, Senior Year (1999)


14 view.jpg (114121 bytes) The view from our room at the Holiday Inn at South Padre Island, TX during Spring Break '99.  There was usually plenty to look at.

15 view.jpg (82537 bytes) Looking out toward the ocean from our room.

16 beach.jpg (110379 bytes) On the beach in South Padre.

17 cooper.jpg (65889 bytes) Looks like Aaron got a hold of my camera.

18 autumn,sean.jpg (87023 bytes) Autumn and Sean soaking up some sun.

19 group.jpg (91143 bytes) Just a few of the 22 that made the trip down:  Aaron, Alex, Shane, Alina, and Sean.

24 group.jpg (98510 bytes) The volleyball crew:  Ryan, Jeff, Sean, and Alina. *

20 beach.jpg (71832 bytes) Another shot of the beach at South Padre.

21 beach.jpg (78634 bytes) Tom gazing into the distance.

07 strouds.jpg (99521 bytes) Back at OU.  One of our many trips to Strouds Run State Park.

08 jeff,tom.jpg (102733 bytes) Tom and Jeff going after a paddleball record.  I think it stands at somewhere just over 800 consecutive hits (complements of Leake and Huss).  Problems, I know.

09 tom,jill.jpg (105254 bytes) Still at Strouds:  Tom and Jill.

10 jill.jpg (140306 bytes) And the lovely Jill.  She's not really that shy.

13 josh.jpg (124633 bytes) Hubox showed up.  Most likely biked out, knowing him.

11 tom,mort.jpg (113604 bytes) On the softball fields on South Green.  Tom and Mort humoring me, Tom with the classic pose of Spring Break '99.

12 tom,mort.jpg (95203 bytes) Still at the fields, shagging some flies.

04 jill,tom.jpg (101526 bytes) At the end of the quarter, the girls in Mill Iron (Nikki, Darlene, Rachel, and Julie) had a picnic.  Here Tom and Jill are enjoying the weather.

06 group.jpg (120574 bytes) And the group of us.  Around the circle:  Ryan standing up, Julie, Alina, Nikki, Jill, Kara, Frank, Autumn, and Rachel.  Darlene and somebody on the right.

22 apartment.jpg (67530 bytes) A shot of 402A as we were moving out for good.

23 view.jpg (113690 bytes) The view from the balcony outside our apartment, looking across Court St.

01 balcony.jpg (103767 bytes) And looking up Court St. from the balcony.

02 window.jpg (93607 bytes) Out the window in 402A.

03 up.jpg (98199 bytes) Looking up at Cornwell Apartments.


* Thanks to Alina for the pic.