Spring Quarter, Senior Year (1999)


08 mort.jpg (114338 bytes) Freshly tapped:  Tough guy Morton helping himself to a beer.

09 mort.jpg (116706 bytes) Hortense knows when its time to get serious, though.

15 cat,kara,tom.jpg (100643 bytes) A little pre-party:  Cat, Kara, and Tom getting started early.  Can you tell some people get annoyed with all the pictures I take?

16 apartment.jpg (418168 bytes) Early on in the night, some drinking games going on.  Around the table:  Tom, Rachel, Kara, Cat, Jodi, Missy, Jen, and Jill.  Scott and Kellie in the background.

13 girls.jpg (391760 bytes) The girls were always up for getting an early start at 402A:  Kellie, Alina, Kara, Autumn, Jen, Jill, Jenny, Cat, and Missy.

12 kevin,jill.jpg (95635 bytes) Kevin and Jill striking a pose.

01 apartment.jpg (109210 bytes) And let the dancing begin:  Julie, Monica, Kristen, Tom, and Nick getting down.

05 julie,nick.jpg (86800 bytes) Julie and Nick enjoying each others' company.

23 tanya,neal.jpg (75494 bytes) Tanya and Neal getting their groove on.

22 eleanor,jay.jpg (78746 bytes) And the lovebirds:  Jason and Eleanor.  I swear, Eleanor had claim on that spot by the door, probably because it was cooler.  The A/C could never keep up.

21 dar,cindy,julie.jpg (103629 bytes) Cindy, Darlene, and Julie flashing their smiles.

20 heather,tom.jpg (88969 bytes) And, of course, the table dancing.  Heather, Tom, and I believe that's Monica in the back.

19 jeff,heather.jpg (86152 bytes) Jeff and Heather amidst the throng.

18 apartment.jpg (108696 bytes) A shot of the apartment that night.

17 chetta,jeff,bree.jpg (95868 bytes) Conchetta, Jeff, and Bree.  And no, I didn't spill that beer on myself.

14 michelle,jeff.jpg (97356 bytes) Michelle and Jeff.  In keeping with good taste, the photographer was not as interested in getting me in the picture.

10 jill,tom.jpg (103921 bytes) And the happy couple, Jill and Tom.

11 jill,jeff.jpg (85166 bytes) Jill was absolutely spoiled that night.

07 katie,jeff,steph.jpg (99788 bytes) Katie, Jeff, and Stephanie taking a break from the action.  Keg line stacking up in the background.

04 eleanor,j.d.jpg (88770 bytes) In her usual spot:  Eleanor and J.D. breaking it down in 402A.

03 alina,andrew,cat.jpg (116522 bytes) Alina, Andrew, and Cat bustin' a move.

06 tom.jpg (82925 bytes) Late night at the apartment.  Tom dancing to his cheesy "Gladiator" soundtrack.  I don't even think we made it uptown that night.

02 tom,jill.jpg (83826 bytes) And, it just wouldn't be an after hours party if Tom weren't practicing WWF moves on Jill