Spring Quarter, Sixth Year (2001) - PalmerFest Weekend


01.jpg (72296 bytes) Early spring quarter, out at BW-3:  Mike and Jill, one happy couple.

02.jpg (89935 bytes) Mike and Jeff at BW-3.

03.jpg (88057 bytes) Sadly, this picture is of tomorrow's engineers:  Wonsic, Kotheimer, Gamber, and Leake.

04.jpg (85092 bytes) Huss came down one weekend and we went out with Darren, who ended up crashing at my place that night.  Here he is waving at the camera, do you see a theme developing here?

05.jpg (97137 bytes) One early evening at the Pigskin:  Dan was getting auctioned-off as a fund-raiser.

06.jpg (105857 bytes) He wrote and sang (and played) a song to his buyer-to-be.

07.jpg (89892 bytes) It was a performance that was classic Otis.  I must admit it was funny as hell.

08.jpg (97879 bytes) Later that evening at BW-3.  Around the table:  Jill, Cory, Jen, Kristen, and Jeff, with Emily and Sean in the next booth over.  All were members of our softball team, the Catfish, even though we only played one game.

09.jpg (79587 bytes) Three more members of the catfish:  Rich, Jeff, and Nate at BW-3.

10.jpg (86442 bytes) Jeff and Megan at BW-3.  Megan is another Zachary's survivor.

11.jpg (97871 bytes) Friday night of PalmerFest weekend was Morton's bachelor party.  After going out to dinner in Columbus we went to Dave and Buster's.  Here's Mort riding a Harley, beer within reach.

12.jpg (76018 bytes) And, of course, my personal favorite, Daytona USA, arguably the best video game ever made.  Tom, Morton, and Huss getting ready to drive.

13.jpg (82560 bytes) Then it was back in Athens for PalmerFest.  We headed up to the Pigskin about 3 o'clock on Saturday, where we ran into some old friends that had made the trip back:  Julie (I think), Jason, Shannon, Ryan, and Jeff.  Shannon made the trip back all the way from Orlando, FL.

14.jpg (79426 bytes) Leake, Brad, and Pieton up at the Pigskin.  Notice the look on Jay's face.  And here I thought it was a tender moment.

15.jpg (100121 bytes) Back to the basics:  I just thought it was funny when I turned around and Huss was playing Ms. Pac Man.

16.jpg (84960 bytes) And the old crew from 10 S. High (minus Tom who was taking a nap!):  Lil' Guy, Otis, Sweetie Pietie, Weasel, Boom, and Hussle-T.

17.jpg (92042 bytes) And then it was Otis's turn to play Ms. Pac Man.

18.jpg (73612 bytes) Of course, it wouldn't be a reunion without playing CapCom Bowling at the C.I.:  Jay, Dan, Huss, Brad, and Shrout.

19.jpg (85883 bytes) And, naturally, the golf ball was back for the weekend.  Caruso was drinking a mixed drink when he got nailed with it.  Ouch!  Jay, Brad, and Huss look on.

20.jpg (85252 bytes) Look at the intensity:  Shrout, Huss, Brad, and Dan.

21.jpg (62671 bytes) And some pool.  Pieton and Brad shooting some stick.

22.jpg (95996 bytes) Pieton and Bednar at the C.I.

23.jpg (81355 bytes) Tom and Morton joined us out early that evening.  The old 402A gang:  Leake, Hussle-T, T-Gunn, and Hortense.

24.jpg (119855 bytes) We headed down to PalmerFest around 6 or 7 o'clock.  Here's a shot of the scene at that time.  Pieton, Bauer, Brad, and Dan up ahead carrying the necessary equipment:  beer, ice, and a trash can to hold them.  We were pretty well set.

25.jpg (125177 bytes) Another shot looking down Palmer St. as we head toward the lawn and stage up ahead on the right.

26.jpg (135559 bytes) It was a beautiful day and people didn't let it go to waste.

27.jpg (85153 bytes) We found a spot and planted ourselves.  Situated around our trash can:  Bauer, Brad, Pieton, and Oney.  Derek made the trip down from Akron.

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