Spring Quarter, Sixth Year (2001) - PalmerFest


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01.jpg (112009 bytes) Jeff and Mark (a fellow civil engineering major) at PalmerFest, pausing for a picture.  As you can see, he also came prepared.

02.jpg (75787 bytes) Leake and Huck at Palmer.  Huck's also an aspiring civil.

03.jpg (48124 bytes) Two lone fingers and a microphone.

04.jpg (75106 bytes) Chetta and Jeff.  She made the trip down from Columbus.

05.jpg (71579 bytes) Someone got a hold of my camera.  ??????

06.jpg (75876 bytes) Nate and Jeff with their heads cut off, but we managed to hang onto our beers.

07.jpg (77347 bytes) I ventured away from our spot to check out the scene up by the stage.  The band Guest playing with Ruby jamming on the keyboard.

08.jpg (101126 bytes) Guest put on a good show, people were going nuts by the time they were done.

09.jpg (85301 bytes) Another shot of Ruby on the keyboard.

10.jpg (79273 bytes) Looking back from the vicinity of the stage.  Stuff started flying right about now.  Beer bottles, cans, chairs, couches, you name it.  Then the moshing began and this camera man headed back to home base and a fresh beer.

11.jpg (80907 bytes) Back by the gang:  Ali, Anne, Ryan, Tom, and Ryan hanging out.

12.jpg (58033 bytes) Looking toward the stage from our spot.

13.jpg (77596 bytes) Leake and Enright at Palmer.  He made the trip up from Washington D.C. for the affair.

14.jpg (62738 bytes) Again, looking up toward the stage.  Red Wanting Blue was playing and people were getting crazy, throwing all sorts of stuff at the band members.  The lead singer was using a baking sheet as a shield while he sang.  Evidently, Red Wanting Blue had previously knocked PalmerFest and the people that showed up for it.  Then they ended up playing it and people were not too happy with them.

15.jpg (77037 bytes) Our old spring break buddies:  Jeff, Jessica, and Alberto.

16.jpg (66626 bytes) Here's Luke drenched in beer.  He actually dumped a full beer on me at one point that night.  I proceeded to tackle him, and then he kicked my ass.

17.jpg (70614 bytes) Here's Luke fresh after getting doused himself.  Bednar and Garman looking on.

18.jpg (55324 bytes) Darkness.  I ended up going uptown soaked in beer and muddy.  No scruples, I know.

19.jpg (82319 bytes) Ryan back at the homestead.  Poor little guy was all tuckered out.

20.jpg (124793 bytes) Sunday morning Mike stopped by before heading home.  He made the trip down from Chesterland, OH, near my hometown of Mentor.  It had been a while since we had gotten together.

21.jpg (61417 bytes) Me.