Spring Quarter, Sophomore Year (1997)


01 Huss.jpg (122324 bytes) And Hussle-T in Treudley on the eve of his 20th birthday.

02 group.jpg (110023 bytes) Eight is enough.  Clockwise from left:  Chetta, Amanda, Ryan, some kid I don't know, Tanya, Cara, Jill, and a friend of theirs.

10 group.jpg (105572 bytes) Again the group of us in Treudley:  Tanya and friend in front, with Amanda, Chetta, friend, Jennie, Ryan, Jill, and Cara in the back.  I can't make out what Amanda and Chetta are doing here.

24 group.jpg (118582 bytes) Another group shot, as seen from upon high:  Amanda, Jill, Cara, Ryan, Jennie, Chetta, Jeff, and two of their friends.

25 jill,cara.jpg (123327 bytes) Jill and Cara, rocking out.

04 room.jpg (89854 bytes) Presenting our room:  253 Sargent.

07 josh,ryan,mike.jpg (94360 bytes) Josh, Ryan, and Mike hanging out in Sargent.

08 jeff,josh.jpg (84143 bytes) Up to no good.

11 boys.jpg (89260 bytes) Josh, Chique, Rob, and Jeff:  all 2nd floor Sargent boys.

12 guys.jpg (110637 bytes) In the room across the hall, with the infamous 18", 500 Watt subwoofer:  Chique, Jeff, and Rob in the back.  Keith and Huss in the front.

19 huss.jpg (100500 bytes) Ninja.

20 josh,jeff.jpg (79242 bytes) Josh and Jeff, toward the end of sophomore year.

09 boyd beach.jpg (129788 bytes) A good shot of where we spent much of our free time:  Boyd Beach on West Green, where everything from Frisbees to footballs, and stereos to Slip-n-Slides could be found at any given time.

13 girls.jpg (104863 bytes) A little get-together in 253:  Amanda, Chetta, and Tanya visting from Treudley Hall.

14 amanda,jeff,neal.jpg (105400 bytes) Amanda, Jeff, and Neal.

15 chetta,tanya.jpg (100246 bytes) Chetta and Tanya singing it.

16 jeff,jamie.jpg (71445 bytes) Jeff and Jamie, also a resident of Sargent.

17 chetta,jeff.jpg (82610 bytes) Chetta and Jeff.

18 tracy,jeff.jpg (80626 bytes) Tracy and Jeff.  Tracy moved to Florida after sophomore year.

Dan and Brad. *

In Ryors:  Dan, Collin, Casey, and John. *

The view from the end of the hall in Ryors looking out on West Green. *

Dan getting freaky. *

Harvey and Bednar at, where else, Pawpurr's. *

Dan and Neal outside the Union.  *

Rachel, Cat, Collin, Julie, Nikki, and Darlene. *

Rachel and Darlene, looking a bit scared. *

Nice shot of Boyd Beach, where we spent quite a bit of time on nice days. *

Missy, Jenny, and Rick catching some rays. *

Can't imagine why we spent so much time out there. *

Ruby and Dave cleaning out their dorm room in Ryors. *

* contributed by Dan Bednar