Spring Break, Fifth Year (2000) - Ft. Lauderdale


07 view.jpg (113292 bytes) In Ft. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea:  the view from the Holiday Inn at which we stayed, looking out toward A-1A Boulevard.

15 jill,anne.jpg (87679 bytes) Jill and Anne enjoying the ocean.

14 jill,ali.jpg (77908 bytes) And the Radanof sisters:  Jill and Ali before heading out for the night.

13 guys.jpg (127825 bytes) The guys of the group:  Tom, Jeff, Ryan, Jake, and Ryan.  Morton's dad was kind enough to let us drive down in his Blazer.  The trip took about 22 hours, if I remember correctly.  Unfortunately, the trip back took far longer.

02 blazer.jpg (73846 bytes) While in Florida the Blazer held its own, though.  We managed to fit all nine of us in it when it came time to cruise the town.  Here's a glimpse of what the back seat was like.

11 mort,ali.jpg (98941 bytes) One night we ate at a classy place called Sloppy Joe's:  Morton and Ali focusing on the situation at hand.

12 group.jpg (111634 bytes) Still at Sloppy Joe's:  Jill, Erin, Huss, Morton, Ali, Anne, and Jake.

10 group.jpg (86571 bytes) At night we'd head down into the heart of Ft. Lauderdale to hit some of the clubs:  Jeff, Erin, Jake, and Anne.

08 club.jpg (125398 bytes) Random shot of the place we were at.

09 club.jpg (126494 bytes) And another.

06 boys.jpg (123087 bytes) Getting ready to head out on the town:  Mort, Leake, Jake, Tom, and Huss.

05 girls.jpg (101106 bytes) And the ladies:  Ali, Anne, Erin, and Jill.

04 huss,erin,jeff.jpg (64584 bytes) At the clubs:  Ryan, Erin, and Jeff.

03 bodyshot.jpg (108623 bytes) This place had an interesting bodyshot ritual taking place throughout the club.

01 strangers.jpg (79176 bytes) Heading home:  some strangers also northbound on I-75 in Florida.

16 blazer.jpg (103915 bytes) Back in Athens.  The Blazer started making some noise somewhere in the northern part of Florida.  It made it all the way to Parkersburg, WVA before the air conditioner froze up.  It gave its all and almost made it.  We had to cash in on AAA Gold for the remainder of the trip to Athens.