Spring Break, Fifth Year (1999)


01 hotel.jpg (103020 bytes) In the Holiday Inn at South Padre:  Shane, Tom, John, and Mort.

02 hotel.jpg (92395 bytes) And the group of us, Tom and Jason having no problem finding the camera.

03 hotel.jpg (104938 bytes) Still in the hotel:  Brad, Alina, and Morton.

04 tom.jpg (135933 bytes) Tom, checking to see if there's anything worth looking at outside.  I'm guessing it's just before dinner, that's about the time he usually went scouting.

05 group.jpg (121830 bytes) At the entrance of Senior Frog's:  John, Tom, Ryan, Alina, and Ryan.  Cool place.  BIG place.

06 dinner.jpg (112665 bytes) One of our "complimentary" meals of the trip.  Alina, John, Brad, Colin, and Jason chowing down.

07 senior.jpg (117593 bytes) The stage at Senior Frog's.

08 tom,dan.jpg (112816 bytes) Tom and Dan got called up on stage.  Here they are getting their groove on.

09 alina.jpg (119518 bytes) At the hotel:  Alina with an unknown girl.

10 guys.jpg (130098 bytes) By the pool at the Holiday Inn:  Tom, Neal, Jeff, and Jason.

Cortad did not mess around that week. *

TIm, Christie, and Brad. *

Naturally, Dan out in the water with an empty keg. *

Nice shot of the sunset over the ocean. *

Ahhh....beach events. *


11 ivory.jpg (76214 bytes) One night we went to a place called Parrot Eyes for another one of our "complimentary" dinners.  Ivory made quick friends with the parrot they had there.

11 tom,alina.jpg (113484 bytes) Tom and Alina breaking it down at Parrot Eyes.

12 autumn,alina.jpg (100364 bytes) Autumn and Alina, the two girls out of over 20 of us, dancing at Parrot Eyes.

13 parrot.jpg (110750 bytes) It's a palm tree.

14 alina,dan.jpg (108531 bytes) Alina and Dan, two of a kind.  The honest truth:  this pose probably made perfect sense to both of them.

15 autumn,morton.jpg (96919 bytes) Autumn and Morton.

16 alina,jeff.jpg (87017 bytes) Alina and Jeff.

18 congo.jpg (133848 bytes) Still at Parrot Eyes, and busting out the Congo line:  Tom, Autumn, Dan, Jeff, Alina, and John.

19 parrot.jpg (81219 bytes) Tom, Ivory, Pieton, and Dan getting down.

20 dan,tom.jpg (112945 bytes) Dan and Tom.

21 jeff,tom.jpg (119387 bytes) Tom and Jeff at Parrot Eyes, South Padre Island, TX.

22 tom,jeff2.jpg (75404 bytes) A detail of the above picture.


* thanks to Dan Bednar