Spring Break 2001 - Vail, CO


01 thatch,josh.jpg (101851 bytes) Out on the town one night with Brian and Josh.  Had to get the typical road trip picture.

02 jeb.jpg (101218 bytes) And it wouldn't be fair not to represent Jeb the dog in this collection of pictures.  Jeb and Brian supplied countless hours of entertainment for those of us that were around.  Here you can see the classic "squeaky toy behind the collar" trick, a crowd favorite.

03 josh,thatch.jpg (100916 bytes) Again, Jeb, as Hubox and Thatcher look on.

04 thatch,jeb.jpg (121678 bytes) Jeb and Brian duking it out in the living room.  I don't know what that dog's going to do once Thatch returns to Columbus.

05 condo.jpg (75665 bytes) One day Thatch took me along with him while he cleaned some hot tubs around Vail and Beaver Creek.  Let me tell you, the cribs were nice.  Very nice.  Here's a "modest" condo that had an indoor hot tub.

06 condo.jpg (117888 bytes) Another shot of said condo.

07 ibm.jpg (103628 bytes) Another place we went to was that of IBM's co-founder.  He had a meager $40,000 hot tub.  The fourth and final stop of the morning was at a house that was right on the slopes of Beaver Creek.  So, we parked the work truck in the driveway, popped on the skis and went for a day of runs at Beaver Creek.

08 lift.jpg (115175 bytes) A look from the lift at Beaver Creek.  It was no Vail, but it was a cool ski resort.  It seemed a little more exclusive.

09 view.jpg (104746 bytes) The view from the top of the mountain at Beaver Creek.

10 lift.jpg (85309 bytes) Another shot of the lift.

11 birdsofprey.jpg (100582 bytes) "Birds of Prey" is the slope that they hold the World Championship downhill on.

12 view.jpg (71983 bytes) A look from the top of the mountain.

13 view.jpg (67438 bytes) And yet one more.  It was at this point we decided to venture over to the terrain park to have some fun.  I managed to get a good pic of Thatch in mid-flight.........

14 thatchair.jpg (96395 bytes) He even worked in a nice little grab.  I think this was a pretty impressive jump, but let me tell you something:  it's nothing compared to one he hit a little while later.  Brian hit a jump so hard he overshot the landing and landed on flat ground, completely rocking his feet.  He even landed it, but could barely walk after that.  I've never seen someone intentionally achieve that much air.  It was sick.  The next day he couldn't even stand up because he'd feel dizzy.  We wondered if he gave himself a concussion that particular day.  As of two weeks after the little charade, his feet still weren't quite normal.

jumpc.jpg (180111 bytes) Here's somewhat of a detail to the above picture.

15 jeff.jpg (55505 bytes) You can't really see much, and it's not worth seeing after Brian, but here's Leake hitting a bump.