Spring Break 2001 - Vail, CO


19 igloo.jpg (116466 bytes) I had to get a picture of the igloo Thatcher built in the backyard.  It came complete with a chair and a shelf on which to put candles.  Notice the curved entrance to eliminate gusts of wind.  He made it his mission to get Jeb the dog to live in there.

18 livingroom.jpg (90267 bytes) Picture of Josh's living room.  Ironically, roommates Josh, Brian, Amy, and Pat all went to OU, then ran into each other after moving to Vail.

17 back window.jpg (147604 bytes) The view from their back deck.  Not bad, eh?

15 view.jpg (92387 bytes) Once again at Vail.  This was the day that Johnny, Josh, and Leake went skiing, or in Hubox's case, boarding.

14 john,josh.jpg (188327 bytes) John and Josh on the way up.

13 lift.jpg (93761 bytes) The view from the lift at Vail.

12 lift.jpg (123445 bytes) And again.

11 topofmountain.jpg (86751 bytes) Looking out from the top of the mountain.

10 hubox.jpg (71810 bytes) Josh boarding ahead of me, and Johnny ahead of him.

10 detail.jpg (13260 bytes) Detail of the above shot.

09 biff.jpg (49812 bytes) We were in the back bowls and I was skiing next to Josh trying to get a sweet picture of him carving when I completely biffed on the wet snow..  This was the resulting picture:  welcome to my world.

07 jeff,josh.jpg (89931 bytes) Leake and Hubox at the top of the mountain.

08 detail.jpg (49406 bytes) Detail of the above picture.

05 hubox.jpg (90657 bytes) Josh making his way down the hill.

06 detail.jpg (21176 bytes) Somewhat detail of the above shot.

03 leake.jpg (80151 bytes) Leake catching a little lift off a catwalk.

04 detail.jpg (61055 bytes) Detail of the above picture.

02 lift.jpg (91978 bytes) Looking up the lift at Vail.

01 lift.jpg (83699 bytes) Again, looking up the lift.