Summer and Fall Quarter, Fifth Year (1999)


01 rachel,cat.jpg (111635 bytes)  Toward the end of the summer I made a road trip to Chicago to visit Cat, who was working there for the summer.  Here are Rachel and Cat one night before we headed downtown to go to a little place called The Leg Room.

02 three.jpg (97072 bytes) Cat, Jeff, and Rachel before heading downtown.  Unbeknownst to me, there was a dress code there I didn't quite meet.  Fortunately, they eventually let me in.

03 skating.jpg (128701 bytes) Beautiful day in the Windy City.  Rollerblading along Lake Superior.

04 city.jpg (96780 bytes) Skating along the bike path.

05 window.jpg (95599 bytes) The view onto the lake from the apartment Cat was staying at for the summer.  It was her cousin's place in Lincoln Park.

06 window.jpg (77574 bytes) Another shot out the window.

07 alina.jpg (105198 bytes) Before heading back to school fall quarter, I went to Toledo to visit Alina.  We did a little shopping in Columbus and gave Huss a last minute call to see if he wanted to go to Put-In-Bay with us.  Of course, he was in.

08 alina,jeff.jpg (89576 bytes) Alina and Ryan before taking off for Put-In-Bay.

09 jeff,alina.jpg (139740 bytes) Jeff and Alina at, you guessed it, Heineman's Winery in Put-In-Bay.

10 three.jpg (85919 bytes) Jeff, Alina, and Ryan as the sun descends upon Put-In-Bay.

11 three.jpg (85388 bytes) And the three of us late night.

12 alina,jeff.jpg (109594 bytes) Jeff and Alina hiding between two vending machines.

13 huss,alina.jpg (110406 bytes) Ryan and Alina during our walk back to the ferry.

14 alina.jpg (110037 bytes) Alina in her kitchen.

15 jill,tom.jpg (94692 bytes) Back at school for Fall Quarter, Senior Year (1998):  Tom and Jill in our apartment ready to begin our second year in 402A.